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Discretionary Grant Training January 20 th, 2010 Eligibility, Examples, and Application.

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1 Discretionary Grant Training January 20 th, 2010 Eligibility, Examples, and Application

2 Welcome! Grant Administrator ▫ Bryan Wilson (512) 936-6996 Grant Program Specialists ▫ Dominic Gonzales (512) 463-2573 ▫ Jennifer Willyard (512) 936-7551

3 Agenda Grant Eligibility Discretionary Grant ▫ Single-Year ▫ Multi-Year Application Process Review Process

4 Indigent Defense Constitutional provision (Federal and State) Fair Defense Act of 2001 (Texas) Involves loss of liberty Fair Defense Funds

5 Who Is Eligible to Apply? All Texas Counties Countywide Judicial Plan documents on file and meet FY10 grant requirements

6 General Discretionary Grants Info Competitive Reimbursement Develop programs or processes to improve indigent defense services Support policy initiatives and strategic plan of Task Force

7 FY2011 Application Cycle RFA in December 2009 Intent to Submit on February 26, 2010 Full Application on April 30, 2010 Award in May/June 2010

8 FY2011 Funding Cycle October 1, 2010 through September 30, 2011 Quarterly Fiscal and Progress Reports Countywide Judicial Plan documents on file and meet FY2011 grant requirements

9 Single-Year Grant Priorities Programs or processes that: Improve indigent defense services Develop a model program that can be duplicated in other jurisdictions Involve multiple counties coordinating their submission

10 Single-Year Grant Priorities Cont. Demonstrate a county’s long-term commitment to the program Contain a cash match Have minimal or no indirect costs From counties of less than 250,000 population Purchase equipment and resources to implement regional magistration

11 Single-Year Grant Examples Hidalgo County

12 Single-Year Grant Funding Minimum application of $5,000 Pays up to 100% of awarded activity on reimbursement basis FTE positions require 50% cash match VTC equipment requires a 50% cash match

13 Multi-Year Grant Priorities Programs that provide direct client services Public defender office Regional public defender office MH defender services Juvenile defender services

14 Multi-Year Grant Examples Bexar County Angela Moore Travis County Melissa Shearer

15 Multi-Year Grant Funding Minimum application of $50,000 Reimburses up to 80-60-40-20% of awarded activity in each of four years Requires cash match from county Grantees assume cost of program following funding period

16 Two-Tier Application Process Complete the online ISA by Feb. 26, 2010 Secure letter of support from at least one judge Commissioners court resolution is not required

17 Intent to Submit Application Short and to the Point General Idea of Costs Detail of Development Not Required Judicial Support and Stakeholder Involvement Critical

18 Two-Tier Application Process If notified to continue, complete full application by April 30, 2010 Secure written support from courts, commissioners, or other involved parties Mail or fax Resolution and supporting documents to TFID by April 30, 2010

19 Full Application Work with Grant Specialist to Develop Provide Detail Solicit Input and Review from Stakeholders

20 Grant Writing Tips Complete ALL sections Complete ALL sections in the manner indicated Include a budget that addresses all costs Double check work before submitting Make sure to submit before deadline Call TFID if you need help!

21 Grant Writing Tips: Budget Personnel (salary, fringe) Travel Equipment and Supplies Contract Services Indirect (10% or less) Multi-year grants indicate start-up and operating costs

22 Grant Writing Tips: Evaluation Issue Program Outcome

23 Evaluation (Continued) Work Based Data Elements Reality Based Data Elements Quantitative Elements Qualitative Elements Multiple Group Issues Addressed

24 Forms and Attachments Resolution Judicial Support Other Supporting Documents

25 General Review Process Each section is scored separately Scored by independent reviewers Decisions made by Task Force after staff recommendations Task Force may offer substitutions or negotiate final program

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