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Warm-up #5 Write a paragraph about Michelangelo’s life and works.

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1 Warm-up #5 Write a paragraph about Michelangelo’s life and works.

2 A True Renaissance Man
Leonardo da Vinci A True Renaissance Man

3 Key Terms Guild Engineering Anatomy Perspective

4 A Universal Man There was little that Leonardo did not excel at.
He was a painter, a sculptor, an engineer, a musician, a singer, a mathematician, a physicist, a botanist, an anatomist, a cartographer, a geologist, a geographer, a poet, a town planner and an athlete.

5 A Universal Man He always wanted to write a treatise on painting (like Alberti), but never did. He seems to have not mastered Latin, the language of scholarship. - or perhaps he was simply too busy.

6 Early Life Leonardo was born in Vinci, which was a town in the Republic of Florence He wrote of two events from his childhood. One was about a kite, the other about a cave.

7 Professional Life At the age of 14 he was apprenticed to the artist, Verrocchio At the age of 20 he obtained the rank of master in the guild of artists and doctors of medicine

8 More on his development
In 1482 Lorenzo de’ Medici sent him to Milan bearing gifts of peace Here he painted “The Last Supper” In 1502 he was employed by Cesare Borgia as a military architect and engineer

9 Old Age and Death In 1515 da Vinci was commissioned to make a mechanical lion that would walk forward In 1519 he passed away in France

10 The Last Supper

11 Mona Lisa

12 The Mona Lisa (La Giaconda)
This oil on panel is his most famous work. Begun in 1503, it was still in his possession when he died in France. Salai sold it to the French King for 4,000 ecus, and so it now resides in the Louvre.

13 The Mona Lisa (La Giaconda)
The subject is Lisa Gherardini, wife of Francesco del Giocondo. The pyramidic design is one often employed by Leonardo. The etherial landscape reveals his characteristic sfumato and the path reinforces the tendency of the eye to follow a triangular pattern.

14 The Mona Lisa (La Giaconda)
The enigmatic smile is most frequently commented on. His capture of this transient expression displays unparalleled virtuosity.

15 The Mona Lisa (La Giaconda)
There is a hypothesis that this is actually not a direct portrait of a Florentine woman at all – or that da Vinci has placed elements of his own image in the portrait.

16 The Notebooks Leonardo kept notes on everything.
Around 5,000 pages still exist. However, he used mirror-writing to ensure privacy while and after he wrote. Perhaps he did so because he was left handed and found this easier.

17 Study of Horse (Journals)

18 Vitruvian Man

19 Studies of Embryos (Journal)

20 Self Portrait

21 Mirror Writing w/ Flying Machine

22 Miss Italy 1501 AD

23 In what ways did da Vinci express his genius?
Take a minute to discuss this with your neighbor.

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