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McAfee Technical Support

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1 McAfee Technical Support

2 Agenda McAfee Technical Support Overview
The Customer Experience: Gold Technical Support

3 Mission Statement To serve as a Trusted Security Advisor to our partners and customers quickly responding to and resolving issues Improve Customer Satisfaction Decrease Average Speed of Response (ASR) and Average Resolution Time (ART) Transform organization from AV to Security Increase the percentage of successful Self Service interactions with our Customers Optimise the Support Portfolio

4 McAfee Support Organization
175,000 Corporate Customers 100+ Countries 13 Major Languages Professionals 65,000 Customer Contacts/Week Industry Certifications CompTIA CISSP Microsoft MCSE, Cisco CCNE, Novell, Solaris, HP, etc. 24 x 7 x 365 Availability

5 Trusted Security Advisor = Technical Knowledge
Creating the Highest Level Trusted Security Advisors, Delivering Trusted Advice Industry Certified Security Engineers Security certifications: CompTIA Security+ and CISSP McAfee products and suites Leading industry certifications: CCIE, CCNA, CCNP, MCSE, MCP, MCDST, CNA, CNE, and more…. Improved Structure Formalized new hire training plan Product Specialists providing on demand training to Tier 1 Tier 2 structured by product New Training Technologies Global Support Labs Witness feedback KnowledgeBase improvements Specialist Training Engineer exchange between regions As of Q1-06 Number of employees CompTIA Security+ certified to date Number of employees Passing CISSP certification exam to date MCDST - 1 MCSA - 1 CCNA CCNP - 6 CCIE - 1 MCSE - 21

6 McAfee Technical Support Offerings at a Glance
Features Gold Support Platinum Support Product Updates including Signature Files and Daily DAT files Product Release Upgrades, Hotfixes and Patches Access to our Award Winning Online ServicePortal including: - Knowledge-base Search, FAQ’s, White-papers - Virus Information Library - Diagnostic Tools including the McAfee Virtual Technician - Online Case Management 24x7x365 Live Phone/Web/Chat Support and Remote Assistance Technical Support from Industry Certified Security Engineers Global Coverage and Native Language Support Access to McAfee Global Support Labs Deployment Assistance Program (DAP) Assigned Technical Account Manager (TAM) Onsite Support Visits Proactive Support McAfee Security Alerting Service (MSAS) Weekly Activity Reports and Monthly Security Newsletters Response Charter Published Case Escalation Timeframes In the world of Security, customers are only as protected as their most recent product update. Threats, attacks and vulnerabilities evolve on a daily basis, so it is mandatory that customers be able to evolve and update just as quickly. Products need to be able to protect customers prior to a threat existing, or as soon as a threat becomes known. McAfee Gold Support offers customers the ability to keep their products current, with the latest updates, signatures, and daily DAT files. Customers have access to hotfixes and patches, so that as products evolve, issues are addressed and corrected as soon as possible. When a new major release is available, Gold Support customers can upgrade to the most current version and take advantage of the new, more powerful features and latest improvements. But updates alone are not enough. Customers also need access to industry certified security engineers. McAfee is your trusted security resource. Our Technical Support Engineers are not only trained and certified on the McAfee products and suites, but are also certified in industry recognized security certifications like CompTIA Security+ and CISSP. Our engineers also carry additional leading industry certifications, like CCIE, CCNA, CCNP, MCSE, MCP, CNA, CNE, and more…. With Gold Support, customers have access to McAfee’s global follow-the-sun support team, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our multiple support centers, strategically placed with local language specialists, are dedicated to solving customer problems and helping customers, no matter when or where the customer has a question. Gold Support allows customers access to a wealth of online features, including the McAfee Global Support Lab. Here customers can; learn about their products through demonstration configurations, evaluate new products in a safe lab environment, as well as model upgrade scenarios based on their configurations prior to making a single change to their production environment. Support customers also have access to McAfee’s award winning ServicePortal. Here customers can download updates and manage their issues. Customers can run the McAfee Virtual Technician to check their systems and solve problems they are having, open chat sessions with support engineers, and search the McAfee knowledge base. The ServicePortal is the online one-stop-shop to address and manage all of the customer’s products and keep them running in optimal condition. Also available to support customers is access to the McAfee Deployment Assistance Program (DAP). DAP ensures that customers are able to quickly and correctly deploy products, while also benefiting the channel partners who leverage the McAfee expertise to augment their in-house technical expertise. Ultimately, this leads to satisfied customers, with fewer technical complications down the road, as the products were correctly installed from the beginning. The Platinum Support offering takes customer service to the next level by providing customers with a single named technical contact, available around the clock. These Technical Account Managers (TAMs) meet with their customers, so that they know the people, the products, and the configurations. Platinum Support customers rest easy knowing they have a named resource to call when they have an issue. But the TAMs do more than just respond when there are problems. They proactively contact Platinum Support customers to update them with important information. If a serious vulnerability is found at 2am on the weekend, the TAM will notify their accounts and help mitigate the risk, whenever the issue occurs. TAMs send newsletters and executive summary reports to help their customers know what is happening, and meet with them regularly to ensure that the customers are receiving the highest level of service from McAfee. Through the McAfee Security Alerting Service (MSAS), Platinum Support customers also have the ability to automatically receive alerts about viruses and vulnerabilities, or information about product upgrades and updates. They choose their preferred contact methods and MSAS can be customized to alert based on Priority of Outbreak, Vulnerabilities, or by specific Products. While not included in the Gold Support offering, MSAS is available for purchase. In summary, our message to our customers: McAfee Technical Support is here to be your trusted security advisor; keeping your products current, issues addressed and to keep you informed. Purchasable Phone Answer < 5 min. Direct access to TAM 24x7 Escalate to Tier 2 Escalate to Tier 3

7 McAfee Escalation Routes
Web Chat Phone Direct Access to TAM via Mobile Phone, Office Phone or Gold Customers Platinum Customers Tier I Gold Support Severity Based Escalation Model Technical Account Manager Tier II Gold Support Rapid Escalation to Tier III Tier III Support Conduit into R&D Engineering/Product Management/Manufacturing

8 Escalation and Response Charter
Gold Support Severity Tier I Response Tier I Escalation to Tier II Tier II Escalation to Tier III Tier III Escalation to Dev Status Updates 1 – Business has stopped Immediate* 30 Min 4 Hrs Continuous Phone Bridge 2 – Business is severely impeded 2 Hrs 6 Hrs Hourly 3 – Business impeded but functioning Immediate** 3 Days 5 Days Daily 4 – Business not affected, symptoms exist 10 Days 15 Days 25 Days Weekly 5 – Request for information 20 Days 30 Days Every 2 Weeks Platinum Support TAM Response TAM Escalation to Tier III 1 Hrs * For Phone ** For Phone/Chat

9 McAfee Support’s Key Value Proposition
Gold Support Delivering product updates with trusted security support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year with a skilled technical support representative Platinum Support Your own trusted security advisor, understanding your issues for personalized and proactive technical support Hardware Support World class hardware support with fast response and industry-best resolution Gold Support Delivering trusted security advice and support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year with a live technical support representative Platinum Support Acting as a trusted security advisor and single point of contact for personal, customized, proactive technical support Hardware Support World class hardware support offering ensuring industry-best resolution rates

10 Gold Technical Support
The Customer Experience Gold Technical Support

11 What you get with McAfee Gold Support
Product Updates including Signature Files and Daily DAT files Product Release Upgrades, Hotfixes and Patches Access to McAfee’s Award winning Online ServicePortal which includes: Over 10,000 Knowledgebase Articles, FAQ’s, White papers and Video Tutorials Virus Information Library Diagnostic Tools including McAfee Virtual Technician Online Case Management 24x7 Live Chat and Telephone Support delivered by Security and Industry Certified Engineers Response Charter – Phone answered in less than 5 min.* Published Case Escalation timeframes Severity 1 issues Escalated in 30 minutes Access to McAfee Global Support Labs for: Product Demonstrations, Training & Troubleshooting Pre-deployment Testing Access to Deployment Assistance Program (DAP) Remote Management Global Coverage * 5 minutes is an On Average timeframe Points to make The stats above explain what a Priority rep does. The most compelling information here for a rep to tell a customer is that these reps are trained specifically on a product to become experts and have the applicable language skills so the conversation is in a local language. The reps also continue to gain certifications and education on security in general. 24/7 Live Telephone and Live Chat Support Target <5 Minutes Average Speed of Answer Highly trained and skilled support technicians IT Security Certified Technicians (CompTIA, CISSP, Microsoft & Cisco) Severity Based Escalation Award-winning Online Support - ServicePortal Access to software Updates, Upgrades & DAT files Virus & DAT Alert Service AVERT Virus News: notification of threats DAT Alert Service: notification when new DAT is available Remote Management Citrix ‘Go-To-Assist’ support available for escalated calls Access to Global Support Labs

12 McAfee’s ServicePortal New Release 01-May-06
Self Healing: McAfee Virtual Technician Self Service: Support by Reading, Seeing & Doing Search the KnowledgeBase View Hot Topics in 13 languages View Product Tutorials Download Software Updates Evaluate in a Live Test Environment (Global Support Lab) Interactive Support: Submit & Manage Online Service Requests Chat with a Live Agent

13 Self Healing: McAfee Virtual Technician (MVT)
Convenient, automated, self-service tool to analyze and resolve the most commonly known problems Data can be fed back to McAfee engineering to ensure top issues are incorporated into MVT and ultimately resolved in product Corporate Products: Common Management Agent 3.5.5 ePolicy Orchestrator 3.6 GroupShield for Microsoft Exchange Managed Desktop Firewall Managed VirusScan Plus AntiSpyware VirusScan Enterprise 8.0i

14 Self Service: McAfee’s KnowledgeBase New Release 01-May-06
Over 10,000 KnowledgeBase Articles Quick links to top searches Hot Topics Recently Added Content Common Issues Refine search: Document type ProductFAQs Product Documentation Useful Links

15 Adaptive Resolution – Wizards
Address repeatable issues with process support and guided resolution experience

16 Adaptive Resolution – Wizards
New functionality behind the scenes will guide you through resolution wizards to narrow down the search and present the right KB article, instead of listing several from which to choose

17 Support by Seeing: Video Tutorials
For People Who Learn Visually Tutorials Top Issues Product Demos “How To” Guides Link to Tutorial from KnowledgeBase Novice Customers

18 Remote Assistance and Online Chat Support
Available to all Support Customers Enables faster resolution on difficult calls Secure connection controlled by customer Works with corporate firewalls Integrated into Chat Support Allows McAfee engineer to view caller’s desktop Option to allow engineer to control callers desktop McAfee engineers can show customer the steps to take while correcting an issue McAfee Support Chat GoToAssist McAfee Support: Welcome to McAfee Support McAfee Support: Your representative has arrived McAfee Support: Sharing John’s computer “I have been using the chat support on the ServicePortal and I love it.” – Norma I. Valdez, Hyatt International Corporation

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