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Leonardo da Vinci By Paige Denman.

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1 Leonardo da Vinci By Paige Denman

2 Early Life Born April 15,1452 in Tuscany, Italy
His father (Ser Peirro da Vinci) and mother (Caterina) raised him He lived a country childhood His 1st stepmom died when he was 12 and the 2nd stepmom died when he was 20 When he was 5, he moved to his Grandpa’s home

3 Eduacation He had 14 years of schooling
His hobbies were painting and drawing He was taught from a parish priest until he was 14, then he went to University of Verrocchio He was a good student He was great at drawing and painting

4 Fame and Career He is famous for painting the Mona Lisa and drawing inventions years before they were created. He accomplished many things, including, creating a play called “Masque of the Planets”, then was nicknamed “The Feast of Paradise” and creating, but never finishing, a painting called, The Battle of Anghiar, this painting is in the Great Council Chamber He had to learn to paint, draw, grind paints and make paintbrushes His influence was his mentor Andrea del Verrocchio He had 2 apprentices (Francesco Melzi and Salani, a name Leo would call him)

5 Interesting Facts His father married 4 times!
His father never married Leonardo’s mom! Leonardo abandoned lots of his work! Leonardo never married Nature fascinated Leonardo Leonardo was an apprentice to Andrea del Verrocchio before he became a famous artist

6 Legacy Leonardo died on May 2nd,1519 because of old age
He died when he was 67 years old His death most likely affected his community But his death wasn’t that tragic Leo will be remembered by his paintings, inventions, and scientific drawings Leonardo left behind many pages of drawings, but only a few have been recovered

7 Purpose I chose Leonardo da Vinci because I wanted to learn more about his life. I also chose him because his artwork fascinates me. Another reason why I chose Leonardo is because I can kind of make connections, like that I am an only child and he is too (for awhile). Also nature fascinates me, just like him!!

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