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Leonardo Da Vinci Genius of the Century By Cameron Moore

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1 Leonardo Da Vinci Genius of the Century By Cameron Moore
April 15, May 2, 1519 Place: Born in Archiano, Italy Died in France Occupation: Artist, architect, engineer, sculptor Family Life: Caterina, his Mother was a young peasant women, San Piero, his Father was a landlord and a notary Education: Saper Vedere was the great theme of his studies. He learned in school about writing, reading, and arithmetic. He did not seriously study Latin, until much later in his life.

2 Accomplishments and Significance
Thought (made some of them) of many inventions including tanks, flying machine, parachute, and many other things. Painted many paintings including: the Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, St. John the Baptist and many others.

3 Qualities and Facts Painted many famous paintings
Wrote two Madrid notebooks There are fewer than 30 of his paintings left

4 Obstacles and Challenges
Most likely suffered from dyslexia Had attention deficit disorder

5 Timeline: One 1452: Leonardo is born in Archiano on April 15,1452
1472: Twenty year old Leonardo is accepted into the Painters’ Guild of Florence 1478: The Annunciation is painted. The work, initially credited to Da Vinci, is now believed to be painted by Lorenzo Di Credi 1481: Leonardo begins work on the Adoration of the Magi 1482: Leonardo moves to Milan to work for the City’s Duke

6 Timeline: Two 1498: The Last Supper is completed
1499: With the Duke of Milan’s fall of power, he leaves and stays in Venice for a while 1500: Leonardo returns to Florence 1503: Leonardo is commissioned to paint the Mona Lisa 1519: May 2, 1519, Leonardo dies in France

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