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Once Upon A Time A Homemade PowerPoint Game

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1 Once Upon A Time A Homemade PowerPoint Game
Story Game Directions Game Preparation Game Pieces A Homemade PowerPoint Game Danielle Simmons and Meredith Coleman UNC - Charlotte Play the Game Objectives Credits Copyright Notice

2 Once Upon a Time. . . In a small town, after their stories were all told, there lived all the Fairy Tale characters from every book. Cinderella lived with her step sisters, then her prince. The 3 Little Pigs built their homes along the same road that the 3 Billy Goats crossed the Troll’s bridge. Little Red Riding Hood traveled through the woods in the town to visit her Grandma every week and in those same woods, Hansel and Gretel got lost away from home. In the little town live Rumpelstiltskin and even Aladdin and his magic lamp. Things were going along, happily ever after, until one day, the Big Bad Wolf was up to no good. He captured those Fairy Tale characters and made them all stay in the big castle at the edge of town so he could eat them all for his dinner. Will you help rescue the Fairy Tales from the Big Bad Wolf? Home Page

3 Game Directions The goal of the game is to start at the beginning of town and make your way through the forest, past the pigs’ houses, over the bridge and to the castle at the edge of town to save the Fairy Tales. To play the game you have to roll the dice to see how many places you can move, then answer a question. If you get the question correct, you get to move the spaces, but if you do not get it right, you have to stay where you are. But be careful, along the path there are adventure cards and if you land on one, you must do exactly as it says. To win the game you have to get to the castle to save the Fairy Tales before any of the other players. Return

4 Game Preparation Gameboard: Print out slides and tape them together. Adventure Cards: Print out slide 35, then cut the cards into individual adventure cards and place them randomly on the spaces of the gameboard. Game Pieces: Print out slide 5, each player should pick a character that they would like to play the game with and cut out the shape for your game piece. Home Page

5 Game Pieces Return

6 Credits All teachers and students at non-profit schools can use, revise, or adapt this game at will at no cost on the condition that all prior designers are cited. This PowerPoint game was originally designed by Danielle Simmons and Meredith Coleman at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte on February 7, 2007 with the title “Once Upon a Time”. Home Page

7 Educational Objectives
Audience Kindergarten Subject Area Objectives Students will be able to . . . 2.01 Demonstrate sense of story (e.g., beginning, middle, end, characters, details and setting). 2.02 Demonstrate familiarity with a variety of types of books and selections (e.g., picture books, caption books, short informational texts, nursery rhymes, word plays/finger plays, puppet plays, reenactments of familiar stories). 2.04 Formulate questions that a text might answer before beginning to read (e.g., what will happen in this story, who might this be, where do you think this happens). 2.06 Understand and follow oral-graphic directions. 2.07 Demonstrate understanding of literary language; e.g., "once upon a time" and other vocabulary specific to a genre. 2.08 Distinguish fantasy from reality when reading text. 2.09 Identify the sequence of events in a story. Home Page

8 Copyright Copyright 2007 Danielle Simmons and Meredith Coleman
Permission to copy this game at no cost is granted to all teachers and students of non-profit schools. Permission is also granted to all teachers and students of non-profit schools to make revisions to this game for their own purposes, on the condition that this copyright page and the credits page remain part of the game. Teachers and students who adapt the game should add their names and affiliations to the credits page without deleting any names already there. Home Page

9 Time to play “Once Upon a Time”!
Ok, are you ready to begin playing the game? First, let each player roll the dice and the player that rolls the highest number will go first! Ready to start? Good Luck! BEGIN! Home Page Game Directions

10 Quiz Questions Give directions here. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
15 16 17 18 19 20 Home Page

11 That’s Correct! Click here to continue.

12 Sorry, that’s not correct!
Click here to continue.

13 How did Cinderella’s step sisters treat her?
They were very nice to her and helped her do her chores. Cinderella did not have any step sisters. Cinderella’s step sisters treated her badly and made her do everything. The step sisters loved Cinderella a lot. Home Page

14 In the story Little Red Riding Hood, who ate Grandma?
The Wolf An Evil Wizard A Witch Her step sister Home Page

15 What did the Three Little Pigs make their houses out of?
All three pigs made their houses out of wood. Mud, Sticks and Sand Bricks and Grass Straw, Sticks and Bricks Home Page

16 Why were Hansel and Gretel in the woods?
They were playing together and got lost. Their step mother led them into the woods. They smelled the witch’s house and went to find it. They were following rocks that they found on a path. Home Page

17 How many wishes did the genie grant Aladdin?
Home Page

18 What did Esmeralda have to do in order to keep her baby?
She had to give Rumpelstiltskin money. She had to guess Rumpelstiltskin’s name. To keep her baby, she had to leave the castle. She had to make Rumpelstiltskin the king. Home Page

19 Why did the first two Billy Goats tell the troll to wait for the next Billy Goat?
They wanted to wait for their friend before they crossed the bridge. It was the last Billy Goat’s birthday and they were having a party for him. The last Billy Goat asked them to wait for him. They were trying to trick the troll so that he would not eat them. Home Page

20 What did Cinderella lose at the ball?
Cinderella lost her glass slipper. Cinderella lost her magic pumpkin. Cinderella lost her step sisters. Cinderella did not lose anything at the ball. Home Page

21 Where was Little Red Riding Hood going when she met the Wolf?
She was on her way to school. Little Red Riding Hood was going to visit the Three Bears. She was going to her grandma’s house to visit her. Little Red Riding Hood was going outside to play with her friends. Home Page

22 What did the Wolf do to the first two Pigs’ houses?
The Wolf burnt their houses down. The Wolf brought them presents to their newly built houses. The Wolf ate their grandmas. The Wolf huffed and puffed and blew their houses down. Home Page

23 What was the witch’s house that Hansel and Gretel found made of?
Candy Bricks Glass Sticks Home Page

24 Esmeralda was supposed to spin straw into:
Candy Gold Money Apples Home Page

25 Rumpelstiltskin was: The King The Queen’s baby A trickster
There was no Rumpelstiltskin in the story. Home Page

26 Aladdin was in love with:
Princess Jasmine Snow White Sleeping Beauty Cinderella Home Page

27 The Three Billy Goats were:
Friends Brothers Cousins None of the above Home Page

28 Why couldn’t the Big Bad Wolf get into the third little pig’s house?
He built it out of bricks. The wolf was too tired to blow it down. The wolf got lost in the woods. The wolf ate them outside. Home Page

29 How did the Prince find out that the glass slipper belonged to Cinderella?
He saw her lose it at the ball. Her step sisters told him. She tried it on and it fit. Her fairy godmother sent him a letter. Home Page

30 Where did the Big Bad Wolf hide from Little Red Riding Hood?
In the Closet Under the cabinet Behind the bush In Grandma’s bed Home Page

31 What was the witch going to do with Hansel and Gretel?
She was going to eat them. She was going to cook dinner for them. She wanted to take them home to their father. She made them go to school. Home Page

32 How many Billy Goats did the Troll meet?
10 3 2 7 Home Page

33 * START


35 Adventure Cards The magic carpet offers you a ride. Skip ahead 3 spaces. The Genie grants you a wish. Skip ahead 2 spaces. You tricked the Troll. Skip ahead one Space. The wolf did not blow your house down. Move ahead 2 spaces. You wove straw into gold. Skip ahead 2 spaces. You were put into the oven by a witch! Move back 4 spaces. You couldn’t guess Rumplestiltskin’s name. Move back 5 spaces. You didn’t to do your chores. Go back 5 spaces. You got Lost in the woods. Go back 1 space. The wolf tricked you into thinking he was your grandmother. Move back 2 spaces. The Troll doesn’t believe you. Skip a Turn. You can’t go to the ball. Go back 2 spaces

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