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Introducing HELPING YOU HELP OTHERS… Do-Gooder Consulting.

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1 Introducing HELPING YOU HELP OTHERS… Do-Gooder Consulting

2 Ever have these questions…? How can our kids afford to get to college? How do we better connect with the community? How should we get more people to donate & volunteer to our cause? We can send text messages for free? Really? How’s a blog going to help my church or business? Do we need a web page? How do we get started? What do you mean “That’s illegal” or “That’s unethical”? No one knows how to make this presentation or brochure. Who’s going to do it? Do-Gooder Consulting

3 Objective To help you help others Summary We begin the process with a brief phone or e-mail interview, to assess your needs. Then step-by-step, we design the solutions based on the resources you have, and create strategies to multiply other resources Areas of Expertise College Financial Aid, Access and Outreach Administrative Temporary Work Non-Profit Management Small Business Development Community Development and Outreach Basic Web Site & E-mail Political Strategies Do-Gooder Consulting

4 Do-Gooder advantage You do not have to pay for full time staff You do not have to worry about benefit details like health insurance You have access to the Do-Gooder network of resources You may end our services at the end of the agreed term without conflict We will work with you to provide a good transition away from Do-Gooder into independence if requested Do-Gooder Consulting

5 Seminars and consulting – Students and their families – Your volunteers and staff – Can combine with other organizations Connecting to free materials Integrating college planning with youth programs & ministry – Respecting your organizations philosophy & goals – Brainstorming to maximize your impact Do-Gooder Consulting College Selection & Financial Aid Process:

6 4 Steps to go to college – Overview or detail – Can be used to help you shape your work with families Financial Aid Process – Seminar for families and/or staff to understand the steps FAFSA completion – On-site consulting for families during the beginning of January – Follow-up after taxes Student Aid report review – Individual consultation with a family & staff to verify the maximum aid Do-Gooder Consulting

7 Administration: Financial health strategies Fundraising and donor issues Temporary work Reception Desktop publishing MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher, Access) Do-Gooder Consulting

8 Web Pages and Internet Services: Domain Registration Basic web site design Search optimization Blogging: how to effectively use it Social networking, such as Facebook Do-Gooder Consulting

9 Political Strategies: How to recruit & utilize volunteers Web page set up and optimization Media strategies Analysis of voting & donor patterns Do-Gooder Consulting

10 Churches and Non-Profits: Fundraising techniques Donor list clean up and analysis Youth ministry development & resources SWOT analysis, multi-voting & other techniques Do-Gooder Consulting

11 Community Outreach: Using media outlets Mapping clients Designing Powerpoint presentations Representation at job and community fairs How to recruit & utilize volunteers & mission groups Do-Gooder Consulting

12 Small Business: Analysis of current & prospective situation How to find and keep customers Mapping your customer base Connecting with area resources Free text messaging via e-mail Do-Gooder Consulting

13 Benefits Free rental of items E-mail list with free resources. Networking with other organizations to your own Do-Gooder Consulting

14 About our staff JP Paulus President of Do-Gooder Consulting, JP Paulus, has had 2 decades of experience working with churches, non-profits and community groups. Through the Illinois Student Assistance Commission, he received intense training in the areas of College Access & Outreach and Financial Aid. He is also state certified in financial aid through ISAC’s programs. Through his work with Uptown Baptist Church, Urban Youth Network and YouthPartnersNet, he has help connect ministries throughout Chicagoland. He currently lives on the South Side of Chicago with his wife and daughter. JP is a regular contributor of The Sixth Ward blog, a non-partisan blog covering the community of Chatham and surrounding neighborhoods. Do-Gooder Consulting

15 About our clients We serve clients large and small We are currently helping develop the web page and youth ministry for Chatham Fields Lutheran Church and their denomination’s Urban Missions division. – – Do-Gooder Consulting

16 Contact us Do-Gooder Consulting HELPING YOU HELP OTHERS… P.O.Box 199233 Chicago IL 60619-9233 872-222-8008 Facebook/Twitter: @DoGooderChicago

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