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Dennis-Yarmouth Regional School Distict’s Title I Program (Almost all you ever wanted to know)

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2 Dennis-Yarmouth Regional School Distict’s Title I Program (Almost all you ever wanted to know)

3 What is Title I? Title I is a federally funded program to help educationally disadvantaged children It is an entitlement program, which means funds are allocated on the basis of census poverty, student enrollment, and other data. For more information, please visit

4 Schools with Title I Station Avenue Elementary E. H. Baker Elementary L. C. MacArthur Elementary All schools are now Targeted Assisted In addition, this year, we have an after school program at N. H. W

5 Title I funds are supposed to boost spending for high-poverty students, not fill holes created by district allocation practices.

6 What are Target Assisted Schools Target assisted schools provide services to eligible children who are identified by multiple criteria as having the greatest need for special assistance Children included are children who are economically disadvantaged, children with educational depravation, migrant children, and limited English proficient children, children who have attended Head Start, Even Start, or Reading First children, Neglected or Delinquent children, and Homeless children Special Rule: Funds received under this part may not be used to provide services that are otherwise required by law to be made available to children described above, but may be used to coordinate or supplement such services Each targeted assistance program shall – help participating children meet the State’s challenging student achievement standards expected for all children, ensure that planning for these children is incorporated into existing school planning, use effective methods and instructional strategies that are based on scientifically based research that strengthens the core academic program of the school, coordinate with and support the regular educational program, provide instruction by highly qualified teachers, provide opportunities for professional development with teachers, principals and paraprofessionals, including parents, and to provide strategies to increase parental involvement.

7 Supplement vs. Supplant This is the most important regulation in Title I. What it means is that Title I is in addition to whatever the “regular” classroom offers. If a child receives a half hour of mathematics instruction in Title I, s/he must receive at least a half hour of Title I instruction in the “regular” classroom.

8 The basic school represents instruction provided by the Dennis-Yarmouth District. Title I would be the bell tower. It is over and above what the district is providing for all the children of the district. This is supplementing.

9 Selection Criteria A multiple criteria sheet is used. DY Criteria Sheets Students receive points, children with the most points are served first. A rank order list is established for each school.

10 Selection Criteria (con’t) Once children have been put on the rank order sheet, the Title I teachers set up class groups based on the most educationally deprived children entering first. The teachers then work down the list. As children either move or graduate from Title I the next child on the list is picked up.

11 Title I Services Reading Recovery (Available in grade 1 only) –One on one by Reading Recovery trained teacher Reading

12 Reading and Writing Small group instruction and/or pull out to Title I room with a Reading certified Title I teacher. Reading

13 Mathematics Generally there is homework every night. It is important to play the games and for the youngsters to learn their facts. mathematics mathematics

14 Mathematics (Con’t) Usually done by co-teaching within a classroom. The Title I teacher is highly qualified. :// -ma/coteaching.shtml:// -ma/coteaching.shtml

15 School Choice Under NCLB (No Child Left Behind) any school or district which is deemed in school improvement as a result of the MCAS must offer school choice to parents. This means that your child can go to any school in the district which you want them to attend. public school choice

16 What to expect this year A newsletter each month, usually close to the first of the month A reading workshop and a mathematics workshop to help build your capacity for helping your child at home A Title I report card issued at the same time as regular report cards A meeting with your child’s classroom teacher and their Title I teacher on the release days first and third terms. conference hints Availability of Title I teachers to answer your questions Availability of the Title I Coordinator to meet with you and assist you with anything concerning your child’s education. Either call 509-398-7623 or e-maile-mail

17 Title I Staffing and Budget At Station Ave. – Ginny Conefrey, Colleen MacNamee, Eileen Terwilliger, Lisa Kucia At E. H. Baker – Kathy Nastri, Elizabeth Bader, Janet Murphy At L. C. M. – Neeley Martin, Vicki Cahalane, Cookie Stewart The amount of money which we will be working with this year is $1, 053,162 an increase of $426,166. This amount is allocated to each of the schools based on the amount of poor children in each of the schools.

18 Home/School Compact For each youngster enrolled in the Title I program, there must be a signed home/school compact. Home/School Compact

19 We Need You to Volunteer to serve on the Title I Board of Directors This group runs the Title I program It meets every other month for one hour Meetings are usually in the afternoon, but can be arranged for any time that the members can come There is one parent representative from each Title I school Please put a star next to your name on the sign up sheet.

20 Parent Resources Positive Parenting Articles Math help Parents homework helper Developmental information for parents 17 ways to tie shoelaces ABC Poem for parents

21 More Parent Resources Family tips for literacy More family tips State Department of Education Title I page Federal Department of Education Title I Resources for Parental Involvement Title I Dissemination Project

22 What do you remember? 1. What is the most important Title I Regulation? 2. What type of flash cards should you use with your child? 3. Where can you find more information about Title I? 4. What is the name of the list from which Title I children are selected? 5. Can all children take advantage of supplemental education and school choice? 6. How many Title I schools are there this year? 7. How big is the Title I budget this year? 8. Is Title I a state program or a federal program? 9. How often is the Title I newsletter published? 10. Will your building have a reading and a mathematics workshop this year? 11. Which building is Neeley Martin in? 12. What is the range of time your child should be reading each evening? 13. What sheet has to be completed before a child can be considered for Title I? 14. What must the district offer if a school or district is in “School Improvement” for two years? 15. Do you have any questions? If so, please write them below and I will get back to you.

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