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Van de Graf Generator P, n. What is electricity?

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1 Van de Graf Generator P, n

2 What is electricity?

3 Current – vs – Charge Continuous Vs Intermittent

4 What type of charge does the generator generate?

5 How does it operate Van de Graf Generator Generates a static electric charge Motor rotates a brush which generates the charge Brush comes in contact with a moving rubber belt which takes the charge and moves it upward A second brush takes the charge off the belt and connects to the dome Since the dome is round, the charge spreads evenly

6 Electricity and force Anything that is touching just the dome will also be charged If objects are all charged the same way, they will want to electrically repel each other If the electric repulsion force is larger than the weight of the objects and friction, they will move apart

7 Electricity and Energy Work is being done to the objects flying. Macroscopically, the energy was stored on the generator (PE) and converted to KE when object moved

8 Cup of paper Attached to top of dome

9 What will happen when somebody’s hand approaches the sphere?

10 What happens is the same as with lightning during a storm

11 What happens if you are already touching the machine when it is turned on?

12 Insulation To be electrically separated from the Earth We will use rubber mats and newspaper

13 Hair and Static Charge Why does the hair rise off your head or arms? Does the risen strands of hair seem to want to be next to each other? Can you explain their action?

14 What happens if you are insulated and you touch someone who is not?

15 How Far can we send the electricity?

16 What is moving from person to person?

17 Energy is being transferred not electrons

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