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How to Access and Use the “D - Drive” The Curriculum Storage Bank.

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1 How to Access and Use the “D - Drive” The Curriculum Storage Bank

2 Accessing the Server On the computer’s desktop, go to the top menu bar and click the “Go” button. Click the “Connect to Server” button

3 Accessing the Server When the “Server Address” window opens, the IP address for the server will appear. If the number above is not present, highlight it by holding the mouse down. Then type: in the “Server Address” space. Then click “Connect”

4 The “D - Drive” Tour The “D - Drive is basically a series of folders for each department where teachers can store materials for teaching. Clicking on one of these colored folders opens it up.

5 The D - Drive Tour Each department folder contains a separate folder for each class taught at WCHS. The date of the most current entry within this folder is also listed.

6 The D - Drive Tour Within the English 4 folder, for example, you can see that those teachers have created separate folders for each unit on their curriculum map. Note that the last time this class folder was updated was Jan. 25, 2010.

7 The “D - Drive” and Curriculum Maps Folders on the “D - Drive” are tied to your curriculum maps for each class in you department.

8 The D - Drive Tour Within the English 4/Beowulf Unit folder, all materials the teachers need are stored. Note the variety of materials. And it includes the exam. Clicking on any of these will allow you to access and change them, so it can constantly be updated. After English 4 teachers have taught their unit and given the test, they can critique the learning of the students and update materials and their exam.

9 The D - Drive Tour Also included in the “D Drive” is a folder of teacher resources made available to you by the administration.

10 The D - Drive Tour There is no way to keep students from accessing the materials within these folders while you are logged in, so it is vital for security that you NEVER leave the “D - Drive” open on your desktop.

11 The D - Drive Goal Our goal is for all resources for all classes - including curriculum guides, teaching materials, all different forms of assessments, and any other materials to be on the “D - Drive” by the end of school this year.

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