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Academic Opportunities at Clover High School

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1 Academic Opportunities at Clover High School

2 Transition to High School
Classroom Sessions with Counselor Pre-IGP (Individual Graduation Plan) meetings Academic Opportunities: Parent and Student Meeting 8th grade tours of CHS April 20th – IGP DAY!! Summer Registration Open House in August

3 Tonight’s Agenda Graduation Requirements Typical Schedule
Mix of Courses Academics Electives and Career Clusters Scholarships GPA and SC UGS GPA Registration Timeline Student Panel

4 Minimal Course Requirements
High School Graduation and Two Year College Four Year College English 4 units Math 4 units (Algebra 1, 2, Geometry, Higher Level) Science 3 units 3 units (3 Lab Science in two different fields) Social Studies 3 units (1 US History, .5 Gov., .5 Economics) Computer Science 1 total unit PE or ROTC 1 unit Health .5 unit World Language 1 unit of W. Language OR 1 unit of a CATE class 2 or 3 units CATE None required Fine Arts 1 unit for SC Public Colleges Electives Minimum of 24 total units

5 Overview of the Schedule
4 X 4 Schedule 8 classes per year 4 each day Typical 9th grade schedule Notice the mix of academics and electives Fall (August – January) Spring (January – June) English 1 Algebra 1 Physical Science PE or ROTC World History French 1 Computer Applications Family and Consumer Sciences

6 Mix of courses each year
Core Academics English, math, science, social studies and world language Different levels available in each area. 9th grade levels determined by: Test Scores (PASS and MAP), Grades, EOC, Teacher Recommendation grade levels determined primarily by: Grade earned in previous course

7 9th grade Academics levels will be recommended by the middle schools. Tech Prep – High School Graduation and Two Year College (ex: Math Tech 1) CP – Two or Four Year College (Alg. 1 CP) Honors – Four Year College (Geometry H) GT – Two classes (World Geo and History)

8 High School Credit for Middle School Classes
Students must earn an 85 (3.0) or above 84 and below Retake with no penalty Benefits to retaking Greater mastery of material Protects high school GPA (more on this soon) Can request a waiver from the principal if your grade is between an 80 and 84

9 10th-12th grade Academic Levels
Tech Prep, CP and Honors in most subjects Level is based on performance in previous class. Example: in English 1 CP then in 10th grade you could choose English 2 H College Credit Opportunities

10 College Credit Courses
AP (Advanced Placement) Free 3 hour standardized exam determines credit Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Human Geography, US History, Calculus, Statistics, English Literature, English Language, French, Spanish Dual Credit (Enrolled in two schools) Cost to the Student Taught by a CHS teacher on our campus English 101, English 102, Psychology, Western Civilization Middle College Students actually attend York Tech Almost any course available during the school day is open for our students based on the student’s goals.

11 i-School Options for students to take a class virtually (on the computer) Classes can be taken on our campus or from home Classes can be used for initial credit or credit recovery (student earned 60 – 69) Students are permitted to take a total of 3 i- school classes per school year and 2 over the summer. South Carolina Virtual School . CSD Homepage of Education SC Department Virtual School

12 Electives We have a large variety of electives! These are organized by career clusters and majors. Students can choose from a certain number of electives. Many count towards graduation requirements (PE, health, computer science). Others are based on interest (art, music, agricultural science, engineering) Most elective classes run in a sequence, so students should plan ahead. (ex: Auto Tech 1, 2, then 3)

13 Career Clusters Tips to keep in mind:
College major is different than high school major. They do not have to match! Students declare a cluster in 8th grade and a major in 10th grade. Students can change their cluster and major each year. The choice of a major does not impact graduation. The requirements are the same. You can choose a major to try something new in high school OR take a major to help prepare for a career. Automotive Technology ITT Technical to major in diesel engine repair Attend USC to major in Business Management

14 Programs of Study (page 4)
Arts and Humanities School of Business Management & Information Systems School of Math, Science, Engineering & Industrial Technologies School of Health & Human Services Arts, A/V Technology and Communication Cluster Advanced Studies (English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies) Audio/Video Production Journalism & Broadcasting Liberal Arts Performing Arts Visual Arts World Language Education Cluster Teaching & Training Business Management & Administration Cluster Business Information Management General Management Operations Management Finance Cluster Accounting Hospitality & Tourism Cluster Culinary Arts Hospitality Management and Operations Information Technology Cluster Programming & Software Development Networking Web and Digital Communications Marketing, Sales, & Service Cluster Marketing Communications Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources Cluster Plant & Animal Systems Architecture & Construction Cluster Architectural Design Building Construction Transportation, Distribution, & Logistics Cluster Automotive Technology Science Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics Cluster Mathematics (NEW) Mechatronics Pre-engineering & Technology Science Government National Security Foreign Service Health Science Cluster Health & Personal Fitness Nursing & Pre-medicine Sports Medicine Human Services Cluster Family & Community Services

15 NEW COURSE for 2013 High School 101—1/2 Unit-- This course is designed to provide ninth grade students with the skills necessary to become independent learners and active members of their high school. The course will focus on the transition from the middle school environment to the high school. Topics to be discussed include: study skills, note-taking, organizing for learning, time management, teamwork, goal setting, decision-making, and career and financial planning. This course can be paired with Mechanics of Writing or Street Law.

16 Scholarships How does GPA impact Scholarships?
LIFE Two year college ALL Tuition 3.0 SC GPA LIFE Four year college $5000 Top 30% of senior class 1100 SAT or 24 ACT Must meet 2 out of the 3 above criteria Palmetto Fellows Four year college $6700 3.5 SC GPA Top 6% of the sophomore, junior or senior class 1200 SAT or 27 ACT OR 4.0 GPA and 1400 SAT or 32 ACT

17 SC UGS: Uniform Grading Scale Weighted Formula
Average Grade CP Honors AP/IB/DC 100 A 4.875 5.375 5.875 99 4.750 5.250 5.750 98 4.625 5.125 5.625 97 4.500 5.000 5.500 96 4.375 95 4.250 94 4.125 93 4.000 92 B 3.875 91 3.750 90 3.625 89 3.500 88 3.375 87 3.250 86 3.125 85 3.000 84 C 2.875 83 2.750 82 2.625 81 2.500 80 2.375 79 2.250 78 2.125 77 2.000 76 D 1.875 75 1.750 74 1.625 73 1.500 72 1.375 71 1.250 70 1.125 69 F 1.000 68 0.875 67 0.750 66 0.625 65 0.500 64 0.375 63 0.250 62 0.125 GPA & rank in class are pulled from numeric grades

18 Sample 9th grade GPA Course Grade 4.0 GPA SC UGS GPA English 1 CP 95
4.25 Geometry H 4.75 Physical Science H 92 3.0 4.375 World Geography CP 3.875 French 1 90 3.625 Intro to Manufacturing 85 Image Editing 78 2.0 2.215 PE 1 74 1.0 1.625 23 / 8 = 2.875 / 8 = 3.46

19 Tips to know On the SC UGS Scale: Every class counts
Every point counts (95 is higher than a 93) You will see a few GPA’s as high as 5.0 SC GPA range typically is: Top 6 % = to a 5.2 Top 10 % = 4.5 and up Top 30 % = 3.8 and up Top 50 % = 3.3 and up

20 Registration Timeline
April 20 IGP Saturday at CHS  June 3 – June 14 Waiver Conferences with Middle School Principals as needed August 1 Summer Registration for 9th 9 am – 1 pm AND 3 pm – 7 pm Students will receive their schedule August 5 Make-up Registration August 15 NGA Meet the Teacher Night August 21 First Day of School

21 Final Comments for Understanding the High School Academics
Attend evening parent meetings Attend the IGP conferences once a year with the school counselor Understand graduation requirements and college entrance requirements Encourage good attendance Be very thoughtful when choosing your child’s schedule Enjoy these years! Age of Opportunity

22 CHS Student Panel

23 Thank you! Questions Contact your School Counselor with any additional questions or comments. Clover Middle: Oakridge Middle: CHS Counseling Center:

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