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Curia: Senate House.

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1 Curia: Senate House

2 Location The first curia, Curia Hostilia, was north of the comitium (where the assembly met. The current curia, Curia Julia, is on the edge of the Forum Iulium.

3 Origin of the Building The king Tullus Hostilius built the first curia around mid 6th century B.C. as a meeting place for senators. The senators are the 10 elected representatives of Roman people. They were called the first curiae and referred to as the Curiae Hostilia after the king.

4 Timeline of Events 94 B.C. Curia Hostilia restored by Domitian. Soon after burned down. 29 B.C. Finish construction under Augustus. ~700 A.D. Turned into a church of St. Hadrian. Represent gathering of 3 original tribes of Rome (Tities, Ramnes, Luceres) The Curia we see today began construction under Julius Caesar in 44 B.C. Named Curia Julia and was dedicated by Augustus in 29 B.C. Statue of Victory standing on a globe from Tarentum shows power of Rome 94 B.C. restored by Domitian and burnt down in fire of Carinus Damaged by fire around 280 A.D. and restored by Diocletian Turned into a church of St. Hadrian around 700 44.B.C. Curia Julia Construction under Julius Caeser. 280 A.D. Damaged by fire, restored by Diocletian.

5 The Curia Julia Today

6 Inside View Container used to hold scrolls
Podium to stand and deliver speeches Simple wooden benches

7 Curia Julia Ancient Times

8 Inside View

9 Bibliography
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