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Figurative Language in Music

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1 Figurative Language in Music
Sydney Kilgore

2 Metaphor Bloom- The Paper Kites
“The whole world, it is sleeping, but my world is you.”

3 Simile Dead Sea- The Lumineers
“Like the Dead Sea, you told me I was like the Dead Sea. You'll never sink when you are with me, oh lord, like the Dead Sea.”

4 Alliteration You Need Me, I Don’t Need You- Ed Sheeran
“Suffolk sadly seems to sort of suffocate me.”

5 Hyperbole Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran- Everything has changed
“And all I've seen since eighteen hours ago is green eyes and freckles in your smile.”

6 Onomatopoeia Paramore – Crushcrushcrush “Crush, crush, crush”

7 Imagery Cats and Dogs – The Head and The Heart
“Somewhere underneath the floorboard, I will sweep my garden. Underneath the cupboard, lives a mouse and he discovered there was nothing there. Nothing there to discover.”

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