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1850s and Civil War ExamSG. States should be able to decide most matters for themselves.

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1 1850s and Civil War ExamSG

2 States should be able to decide most matters for themselves

3 South feared election of AL would be an end to slavery in territories and eventually the South.

4 N—JB a marytr for cause of abolition S—were alarmed because they see him seeking to use violence to destroy the Southern way of life

5 Bloodiest single day in the war Stopped Lee’s first invasion of North Gave AL chance to issue EP

6 Ended all confederate hope of invading the N Major turning point in war Stonewall Jackson missed by RELee

7 Split the S into E and W as Mississippi R controlled by Union

8 Sherman wanted this city—as it was a major RR hub for the CSA

9 1 st battle of the CW S fires first shots

10 GA waas used to dedicate a cemetery for the Union army’s dead at Gettysburg. Was to honor fallen soldiers

11 1. CA state 2.stronger Federal Fugitive Slave Law Bans slave trade in DC Popular sovereignty used to determine if new states slave or free

12 Freed slaves in state in rebellion Moral cause for war

13 The people of the territory would vote to be slave or free as a state

14 Major aim—look at NAME—abolish slavery nationwide

15 Topic was slavery in the territories D was for PS L was against the expansion of slavery

16 Network of safehouses [stations] used by runaway slaves [passengers] on their way north to freedom famous conductor was Harriet Tubman— known as Moses to her people

17 Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote N—grew angry over slavery S—banned the book GA sought to arrest her

18 1.PS for Kansas and Nebraska 2. mini CW in Kansas [Bleeding Kansas in the mid 1850s]

19 North Ads –food production, civilian leadership [AL], industrial capacity North DISADS—poor military leadership South ADS—good military leadership, hopeful of alliance with England [Eng needed their cotton for their factories]—this was overstated Dis—pop, fact, civ leadership

20 Court order that requires authorities to appear before a judge and show cause why a prisoner must be jailed AL suspends during CW

21 Confederate commander—who opposed secession but refused to fight against Virginia

22 Hero at Vicksburg Became commander of all Union armies in 1864

23 Final surrender of the CSA army took place here

24 Was accidently killed at the Battle of Chancellorsville [CSA victory led by SJ plans] by his own troops

25 Path of destruction across GA—[totalwar]—60 miles wide path of total destruction from Atlanta to Savannah Famous for his Sherman neckties –destroying RR tracks

26 Angel of the battlefield Founder of American Red Cross

27 Abolished slavery and involuntary servitude in US

28 Shot AL in head at Ford’s theatre after the CW was essentially over AL dies on 4/15/1865

29 Name given to Northern Democrats who wanted to make peace with the South [CSA]

30 President of the CSA A micromanager Interferes with war effort of CSA

31 Union general who was fired by AL fir having a case of the SLOWS after the battle of Antietam Democratic candidate for President in 1864— running against AL in the midst of the CW

32 Effect—Results of the CW 1. Union was preserved 2. Southern infrastructure [roads, RR] destroyed and farm fields burned

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