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Chapter 4 European Settlements

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1 Chapter 4 European Settlements

2 C4 STUDY GUIDE Mission- to spread Christianity, Spanish missionary built small religious settlements in what is now the states of GA, FL, TX, NM, AZ, CL

3 Know the following terms:
Armada fleet of warships

4 Know the following terms:
Mayflower Compact- An agreement among the men on the Mayflower to govern themselves

5 Know the following terms:
Hacienda- a self-sufficient estate where ranchers produce most of what they need to live.

6 Know these People Francis Drake-
English pirate who led a crew in sailing around the world.

7 Know these People John Smith-
leader of Jamestown who said, “If you don’t work, you don’t eat.”

8 Short answer questions:
Why did Spain need to establish a buffer zone in northern New Spain? To protect its colonies from those of other European countries

9 Short answer questions:
What were European traders eager to get from the Native Americans? Beaver fur

10 Short answer questions:
What region was called Louisiana in the 1600s? The area between the Appalachians and Rocky Mts.

11 Short answer questions:
What was the French settlement on the St. Lawrence River that the Hurons called kebec? Quebec

12 Short answer questions:
Why did the Powhatan Confederacy fight the English settlers? The English seized their crops

13 Short answer questions:
Why did the Pilgrims leave England? Religious freedom

14 Short answer questions:
Where did the Pilgrims settle? Plymouth, Mass.

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