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“EDP IDP 4U” Basic Tips for New EDP Associates April 2012

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1 “EDP IDP 4U” Basic Tips for New EDP Associates April 2012

2 “It’s a journey, not a destination.” IDP First Draft Review ECQs Input from Others Personal Vision

3 Where to start Personal Vision & Mission Statement “rudder of my boat” Guiding principles Life objectives Career objectives Why do I want to develop/be in this program?

4 Then what? Input from trusted sources Supervisor? Mentor? Colleagues? Career advisor? Coach? Self-Assessment Tools 360 feedback, MBTI, etc.

5 And what else? OPM ECQs What am I good at that I could enhance to be even better or great (“Strengths Theory”) What do I need to get where I want to go? Can I express those as “competencies”? PICK 3-5, don’t overdo it!

6 And move into… Sketching out a first draft – What steps could I take to develop, grow? – Think beyond TRAINING CLASSES, e.g. developmental experiences – Ask Leaders you admire how they got where they are—those may give you “developmental opportunities” ideas

7 What you have the best chance of “learning” or “developing”? – 2011 MSPB Study “Making the Right Connections: Targeting the Best Competencies for Training” Highly Trainable Knowledge Moderately Trainable Language (other languages, editing, speech prep & giving speeches, preparing lengthy documents) Social competencies (networking, negotiating, teamwork, emotional intelligence, empathy, coaching) Reasoning (logic, math, analysis, troubleshooting, computer programming) Less trainable Mental style (flexibility, integrity, conscientiousness, creativity, complexity, rapid learning, stamina, decisiveness)

8 Where can I find activities? EDP Handbook Appendices Resources Online Prior & Current Associates Supervisors, Mentors, Colleagues Program Chair

9 Thinking Strategically What is doable in my first year? – Short term In my second year? – Longer term

10 Don’t be afraid to revise… Revise! Grow Start

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