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S OUTH D AKOTA P ARENT I NFORMATION AND R ESOURCE C ENTER Parent Involvement = Student Achievement!

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1 S OUTH D AKOTA P ARENT I NFORMATION AND R ESOURCE C ENTER Parent Involvement = Student Achievement!

2 P ARENT I NFORMATION AND R ESOURCE C ENTERS Funded through the US Department of Education, Office of Innovation and Improvement Title V of the No Child Left Behind Act National Network of 62 PIRCs Funded for 5 years (2006-2011) Design and distribute information and resources

3 SD P ARENT I NFORMATION AND R ESOURCE C ENTER Your PARTNER for Student Achievement through Family Engagement!

4 S TANDARDS B ASED R EPORT C ARDS How to include and inform families in the process!

5 S ETTING THE S TAGE The changes in schools and in the world from when today’s parents were in school Must bring parents along – build their understanding Be prepared – not everyone will like change The TIME MACHINEConsider…..

6 S TANDARDS BASED R EPORT C ARDS Parent Questions: What are standards? Why are they needed? How are they taught? When and how are they evaluated? What can I do to assist at home? Why is format better than what we are used to?

7 The TOWER Activity

8 P ARENT I NVOLVEMENT AT YOUR SCHOOL Teachers are expected to communicate with families…… Teacher/Parent communication usually focuses on….. How often do teachers/parents have face/face communication…. How often do teachers at your school send home learning materials or ideas for families to use at home to support their child’s learning…. How is student work shared with parents…..

9 B EYOND THE B AKE S ALE L INKING TO L EARNING – C HAPTER 5 Selected Reading – Section 1: Page 1-3 Section 2: Page 4-5 Section 3: Page 5-8 Section 4: Page 9-11 Read assigned section After everyone has finished reading – take turns explaining information from each section As a group – identify 1-2 points to share with large group

10 W ILL I NVOLVING F AMILIES H ELP Y OUR S TUDENT ’ S A CHIEVE ? Student’s reading and math scores (3-5 th grades) improved 40-50% faster when teachers: Met with families face-to-face Sent materials to help children at home Telephoned routinely about progress (Westat and Policy Studies Associates, 2001)

11 PIRC RESOURCES Power point trainings for families: RC Standards Based Report Card PP Training on Math/Reading Standards A Parent's Guide to Math Literacy Night

12 PIRC R ESOURCES Brochures Content Standards Standards Based Report Card (RC) K-5 Math and Reading Guides (proficiency statements) Other Materials

13 ALL PROGRAMS AT YOUR SCHOOL SHOULD HELP F AMILIES : Get a clear idea of what their children are learning and doing in class Promote high standards for student work Gain skills to help their children at home Understand what good teaching looks like Discuss how to improve student progress

14 S UGGESTIONS FOR INFORMING PARENTS Classroom demonstration on specific standards (standard – to teaching – to evaluation) Are grade level goals posted/shared with parents? When student work is posted – is scoring rubric available? Maximize current opportunities (newsletters, website, ‘fun’ events

15 N EXT S TEPS …… Next event with families (Christmas Program??): As a group identify 3 things you will do to you incorporate a “Link to Learning” for your parents. How can we add a ‘parent’ component to what we do?

16 An enterprising young turkey gathered the flock together, and with demonstration and instructions, taught them how to fly. All afternoon they enjoyed the soaring and flying, and the thrill of seeing new vistas. After the meeting, all the turkeys walked home.

17 SD P ARENT R ESOURCE N ETWORK PO B OX 218 S TURGIS, SD 57785 WWW. SDPIRC. ORG 1800-219-6247 OR 605-347-6260 WWW. SDPIRC. ORG

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