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SI Units & Scientific Notation

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1 SI Units & Scientific Notation

2 SI Units Why use them? Common system
Easy to use -based on factors of 10

3 SI Base Units What are they? Second (s) Time Meter (m) Length/distance
Kilogram (kg) Kelvin (K) Ampere (A) What are they? Time Length/distance Mass Temperature Electric current Derived Units: Volume 1 cm3 = 1 mL

4 SI Conversion milli- m 10-3 centi- c 10-2 kilo- k 103 mega- M 106
giga- G 109 Examples

5 Scientific Notation Why use it? Format
Easier to write really small or large numbers Format ? x 10n ? = number between 1 and 10 n = positive exponent (for large numbers) n = negative exponent (for small numbers)

6 Scientific Notation Examples Earth’s Radius Lifetime of pion
Earth to the Moon Diameter of an atom

7 Homework Page 17 #1-4,6,7 Page 23 #1-2

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