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Benavides is an overall Community and Student Engagement

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1 Benavides is an overall Community and Student Engagement
BISD is rated overall Recognized for Community and Student Engagement* Benavides is an overall Recognized Campus under House Bill 5 Community and Student Engagement * House Bill 5, Section 46; Texas Education Code Section

2 Fine Arts Program rated Recognized
Mighty Ocelot Choir National Chess Team Fine Arts Program rated Recognized Benavides Elementary provides students with the opportunity to participate in the following programs /activities: Ballroom, Choir, Chess, Spring Play, Christmas Musical, Destination Imagination, Honors Choir, & 21st Century Ballroom Class. Ballroom Dance Team Honors Choir Spring Musical, Joust Benavides Chess Team Benavides Elementary

3 Wellness and Physical Education Programs rated Exemplary
Ocelot Cheerleaders Ocelot Flag Football Team Benavides has established a CATCH program placing 2nd on the BISD CATCH Binder yearly award. Benavides Elementary staff and students have participated in various wellness events such as Jump for Heart, Field Day, Relay for Life, Autism Walk, RGV Congenital Heart Walk. Benavides also has a flag football team in which they placed 2nd district wide. Ocelot cheerleaders participate actively throughout the school year. During Red ribbon week Benavides has various dress up days to encourage saying no to drugs along with a big pep rally encouraging students to make healthy choices! Autism Awareness Walk Relay for Life Congenital Heart Walk Benavides Elementary

4 Community and Parental Involvement rated Recognized
Dia De Los Niños Parent Readers Community and Parental Involvement rated Recognized Benavides Elementary conducts monthly parent meetings in which various topics are addressed. Guest speakers are invited to present and read to our students. Benavides also hosts library days/evenings where students come in with their parents to read. Tutorial is offered to ensure all students are successful. Benavides Elementary

5 21st Century Workforce Development rated Recognized
Career Day University Parade Every grade level/department at Benavides Elementary adopted a different University /College. Every Friday students read information/facts regarding their university. Throughout the school year students and staff were encouraged to wear university t- shirts and jerseys. At our STAAR rally students participated in a parade of Universities. Benavides hosted our annual 5th grade career day introducing students to various careers and jobs in our community. UTB Field Trip Father/Son Symposium Benavides Elementary

6 Second Language Acquisition Program Recognized
Bilingual students at Benavides are given the opportunity to acquire the English Language through a variety of activities and programs. Computer Lab, Choir, Saturday Academies, etc are just a few of the ways students practice their English. Our students are encouraged to participate in activities celebrating various cultures such as Charro Days, Cinco De Mayo, Dia De Los Niños, Black and Hispanic Heritage Month. One of our own 5th grade students from India shared a traditional Ballywood dance! Navidad Benavides Elementary

7 Digital Learning Environment rated Recognized
Counselor Presentation Parents, teachers and students are made aware of Cyber bullying through presentations done by our counselors! The Benavides website provides links to various educational sites. Gradebook allows parents to monitor student grades providing communication between teachers and parents. School Messenger is often used to inform parents regarding information of importance. Kindles & Computer fun! Benavides Elementary

8 Dropout Prevention Strategies rated Exemplary
Benavides provides Saturday Academies, After school tutorial, 21st Century Program, Accelerated Reader, Guest Speakers, Living With Science Lab, Counseling Presentations, Computer Labs and University Spirit Days to prevent drop out and encourage student achievement. Parade of Universities Author Carlos Cisneros Benavides Elementary

9 Gifted and Talented Program rated Recognized
Professional Dev. Gifted and Talented students are encouraged to participate in UIL, Destination Imagination, Science Fair, Choir, School Musicals, Ballroom, etc. Teachers with GT students obtain Professional Development hours. Destination Imagination Destination Imagination UIL Science Fair Benavides Elementary

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