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Happy Earth Day, y’all!.

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1 Happy Earth Day, y’all!

2 East and South East Asia Physical Geography What do the following have in common? Parachute, kite, umbrella, paper, wheelbarrow, fishing reel, playing cards, and fireworks?

3 East Asia East Asia Map: Chapter 29 Page 613
What 6 countries are included in this region? -China -Mongolia -Taiwan -North Korea -South Korea -Japan Bonus Q: Which countries are the most developed?

4 4th largest country in the world
China 4th largest country in the world

5 Capital Beijing “Forbidden City” Pagoda
-religious structure represents Buddhism

6 *Garden = peaceful = whisper
*Tiered tower= religious structure *Some pagodas = tombs Wooden five-story pagoda of Hōryū-ji in Japan, built in the 7th century, one of the oldest wooden buildings in the world

7 Great Shwedagon Pagoda located in Yangon, Myanmar.
The whole structure is coated with 60 tons of pure gold

8 The Bombardier Pagoda at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

9 Landforms: Mountains and Plateaus Map Page 620
What is the process that forms this rugged terrain collision of tectonic plates. Results of these natural barriers: -limit movement -increase isolation

10 Highest Elevation *Borders Nepal & China Mt. Everest

11 Lowest Elevation Turfan Depression (Turpan Depression)
505 ft below sea level / 20,000 sq miles

12 Qinling Mountains Separates North China from South China
Climate map : Pg 626

13 Kunlun Mountains Source of two great rivers: Yellow River and Yangtze

14 Tibetan Plateau -Known as the “roof of the world” -sparsely populated

15 Deserts Gobi: North China & SE Mongolia
-larger than Texas and California combined! Taklimakan: Between Tian Shan & Kunlun Mts.

16 Peninsulas Because of peninsula’s China has a long coastline that has allowed major port cities Shanghai - -largest city -located at the mouth of the Yangtze

17 Hong Kong British Colony until 1997

18 Hainan Island off Southern Coast of China

19 Huang He River AKA: Yellow River -silt “China’s Sorrow”
-terrible floods

20 Yangtze River *AKA: Chang Jiang river China’s Longest River
World’s 3rd Longest

21 Flows eastward & forms an estuary
Xi Jiang (West) River Flows eastward & forms an estuary

22 Three Gorges Dam World’s largest dam / 600 ft high / spans 1 mile
Pages + effects: Control flooding Provide electric power Easier to ship goods effects: Expensive $$$ Relocation of people History lost Environmental concerns

23 The Great Wall of China

24 The Great Wall of China Construction began in 400’s B.C.
Built mostly between Approximately 4,000 miles long 25’ high / 25’ wide at base / 15’ wide at top Watchtowers yards apart / 40’ high Foundations made of granite Sides made of stone and brick Top paved with brick Filled inner walls with dirt

25 Tomb of Emperor Shi Huangdi

26 Compare climates of E. Asia & N. America
A tropical storm that occurs in western Pacific—similar to a hurricane is called a… TYPHOON Compare climates of E. Asia & N. America Page 626

27 Ethnic Groups More than 50 groups
Han is most popular with 94% of population

28 1/5 of the World’s Population…DENSE

29 Population Control Measures to control began in 1950’s
One-child policy 1st applied in 1979

30 JAPAN -enormous economic power Dense population Page 630-631
-60% of people live on 3% of land -clustered along the narrow flat coastal plains

31 South East Asia What 11 countries are included in this region?

32 Association of South East Asian Nations
ASEAN Association of South East Asian Nations NAFTA is to North America as ASEAN is to South East Asia

33 SOUTH EAST ASIA Mainland and Islands 2 important peninsulas: Indochina
Malay -serves as a land bridge between mainland and islands

34 Mekong River -begins in China and ends in Vietnam
-natural boundary between Myanmar and Laos and between Laos and Thailand -people rely on Mekong for farming and fishing

35 Irrawaddy River Source in Himalayas Forms a Delta Creates an Estuary

36 A chain or a group of islands is called an _________.
archipelago Check out how an island is formed: Image on page 690

37 ` _____________ chain of volcanoes that line the Pacific rim.
Ring of Fire See map on page 662.

38 “Economic Tiger” -countries with strong economic growth
Singapore: Smallest nation of SE Asia Microstate “Economic Tiger” -countries with strong economic growth Singapore wished to be independent b/c most of the people of Malaysia were Muslim, while the people of Singapore were mainly Chinese and Buddhists.

39 Impact of industrialization of the city!
Indonesia = World’s 4th largest population Jakarta (On Java Island) = Capital of Indonesia World’s largest population of Muslims Impact of industrialization of the city!

40 Industrialization Sweatshops Outsourcing

41 Vietnam War - A Stage of the Cold War A Struggle of Ideals

42 Genocide = Ethnic cleansing
Cambodia Khmer Rouge = Political Party The Killing Fields Pol Pot = Leader of Khmer Rouge Genocide = Ethnic cleansing Created Agrarian Society

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