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College Planning for Seniors Class of 2013 Michelle Cundiff, MA,PSC 419-694-2211 x 1104.

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1 College Planning for Seniors Class of 2013 Michelle Cundiff, MA,PSC 419-694-2211 x 1104

2 Agenda  Tests  College Research  Athletics  Paying  How to apply at RHS

3 Perspective  Why go to college?  Indecision, confusion, moving slowly  “College is a match to be made, not a prize to be won.”  Career choice might come later

4 Tests ACT dates and registration deadlines left for this school year (6 dates a year): February 9 with a deadling of January 11 April 13 with a deadline of March 8 June 8 with a deadline of May 3 SAT dates and registration deadlines left for this school year (7 dates a year): January 26-deadline of December 28 March 9 -deadline of 2/8 (no subject tests) May 4 – deadline of April 5 June 1 – deadline of May 2 RHS code 363-525 –-- needed to register

5 ACT vs. SAT  ACT has 5 sections if students chose to take the writing test (and they should).  ACT – English, math, reading, science, & writing  No penalty for guessing.  SAT has 10 sections including a writing test. There is a ¼ point deduction for wrong answers.  Students’ PLAN and PSAT scores should give them information regarding which one they will score better on.  Most MHS students take the ACT, and then many students retake it several times. Scores are available online approximately 3 weeks after they take the test.  SAT Subject Tests – optional. These are for highly selective schools so check with the individual school.  All colleges take both or either tests.

6 Test Prep  Yes, yes, yes!!!  Do something – free online tests, paper test book in Guidance office, workshops  – free practice tests.  Classes and tutors for hire – time consuming  Many students say ACT can be difficult to finish.  There are test optional schools –

7 College Research  Students should research colleges that they are interested in as well as those that would be an appropriate fit academically.  Students can use their PSAT and PLAN test scores as estimates of their SAT and ACT scores in choosing realistic colleges.  College search tools – college websites, OCIS – (username – riverdale & password – ohiocis03), Sr. year college fair at FHS in September.  College visits – can miss 2 school days as a Sr – pick up forms first. Typically sign up for visits via the college website.

8 More sources     

9 College Search Factors  Academic Programs  Location – how far away from home  Size  Student activities  Residence facilities  Cost  Job placement  Study abroad, co-op, and other special programs  Selectivity and fit for student  Reputation

10 Statistics according to the NACAC 2010 data  On average, four-year institutions nationwide accepted about 2/3 of all students who applied for admission.  Common Application has been a factor in the increase in applications submitted.  The essay for the common application has not changed for next year.

11 Middle 50% Scores for 2011 ACTSAT ReadingSAT Math RHS20-25 UF20-26460-590480-610 OSU26 - 30540 - 650590 - 700 ONU24 - 29510 - 620560-670 BGSU19 - 25910-1130**

12 Deciding where to apply  Talk to college admission reps  Use web tools  Visit campuses  Attend evening programs-many open house dates re major specific

13 How To Apply  Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines  How many applications? According to the NACAC report, 25% of fall 2010 freshmen applied to 7 or more schools.  Types of admission plans – early decision, early action, rolling, regular  Application parts – demographics, essay, resume information, recommendations

14 College Admissions Criteria  Grades in college prep courses  Strength of curriculum  Admission test scores  Class rank  Essay  Counselor & Teacher recommendations  School involvement, etc.

15 Essays  The Common Application Essay choices  Evaluate a significant life experience, achievement, risk you have taken, or ethical dilemma you have faced and its impact on you  Discuss some issue of personal, local, national, or international concern and its importance to you  Indicate a person who has had a significant influence on you, and describe that influence.  A range of academic interests, personal perspectives, and life experiences adds much to the emotional mix. Given your personal background, describe an experience that illustrates what you bring to the diversity in a college community or an encounter that demonstrated the importance of diversity to you.  Topic of your choice.  Some interesting essays: U. of Chicago – “What does Play-Doh have to do with Plato?” “What is X?” Wake Forest U. - “Give us your top ten list.”

16 Athletics  NCAA Eligibility Center – register at  Costs about $70 to register  Request that your transcript be sent from the RHS counseling office AFTER completion of junior year ** can still register as a Sr.  Athletics – adds a WHOLE OTHER ASPECT to the college search  See your coaches and Mr. Taylor (athletic director)

17 Paying For College – note that some programs & housing/meal plans can have different costs. TuitionRoom & Board Total ONU$34,140$19,476$43,616 UF$27,290$9,074$36,364 UT$8,788$9,746$18,534 BGSU$10,044$8,268$18,312 UNOH$8,775$6,750$15,855 Owens$1,976

18 Paying For College  Applying for aid – FAFSA  Types of aid – grants, scholarships, loans, work study  Alternative methods of funding: ROTC/military, payment plans, co-op, community college, be employed, attend part-time, PSEO

19 Applying to college at RHS- Step #1  Submit application online  Form  Application fee  Free/Reduced Lunch waiver  Essay  Resume or list of activities

20 Applying for college at RHS- Step #2  Print forms (or invite electronically)  Counselor Report  Teacher Recommendations  Supplementals

21 Applying to college at RHS- Step #3  Request a transcript by seeing Mrs. Cundiff and filling out a ½ sheet pink request form  Allow 1-2 weeks for mailing from RHS  If the deadline is near, come into the Guidance office

22 After applying  Complete FAFSA in January    Attend Financial Aid Meeting with Bluffton Univ. at Arlington High School on Jan 14 @ 6:30 Other Hancock County Dates: McComb 12-18-12 @ 6:30Findlay 1-7-13 @ 7:00 Liberty Benton 1-14-13 @ 7:00

23 After Applying  Continue scholarship search      Check with local organizations  Churches  Clubs  Banks

24 After Applying  Wait for admission decision  Keep up study habits and grades  Visit campuses again before making final decision  Decide by May 1 – do not have more then one deposit after 5/1

25 How can parents help?  DON’T TOUCH THE KEYBOARD!!  Help your Sr. stay organized  Help schedule and attend college visits  Help your student clarify importance  Choice should be theirs  Search for independent scholarships  Complete FASFA as soon as possible after Jan 1  Complete FASFA PIN as soon as possible

26 Text Updates  Receive Guidance Updates by texting the words: Follow RHS_Guidance1 to #40404 ACT dates, scholarships, deadline reminders

27 Questions?

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