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By: Jarreau C. Famous people’s houses Gucci’s houses.

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2 By: Jarreau C. Famous people’s houses

3 Gucci’s houses

4 Jay Z’s house This is Jay

5 Ne-yo’s mansion This is Ne-yo’s mansion

6 Mansion This is the house you what to live in!

7 Big Cash You need to have this cash to be rich. Like Alex and Jarreau

8 Gucci’s house This is Gucci mansion he lives in miami and lives big

9 Lil Wayne’s house

10 Chris Brown’s crib So sweet and big and rich

11 Micheal Jordan’s House So ccccccccccccooooollllllll and huge

12 Will Smith’s house This is Will’s house

13 Vin’s house This is Vin’s house

14 Nick Cannon’s house This is Nick Cannon’s house

15 Bow wow’s house This is bow wow ‘s house

16 Eminem’s house This is Eminem’s house

17 Michael Jackson’s house This is Michael Jackson’s house

18 Usher’s house This is Usher’s house

19 Magic Johnson This is Magic Johnson’s House

20 Megan Fox’s House This is Megan Fox’s house

21 Jackie Chan’s House This is Jackie Chan’s House

22 Elen’s house

23 Simon Cowell’s house This is Simon’s house

24 Taylor Swift’s house This is Taylor Swift’s house

25 Britney Spears House This is Britney spears House

26 Rihanna’s house

27 Brad Pitt’s house This is Brad Pitt’s house

28 Halle Berry’s house This is Halle Berry’s house

29 Marah Carey’s house This is Mariah Carey’s house

30 Jamie Foxx’s House This is Jamie Foxx’s house

31 Shaquille o’neal’s house This is Shaquille’s house

32 T.I.’s house This is T.I.’s house

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