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The powerful Osage Indians

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1 The powerful Osage Indians
By Brandon, Tyran, and Skylar The powerful Osage Indians

2 Hunting and Weapons The Osage Indians hunted Buffalo, Deer, and Beaver. They used bows, axes, and spears for battle and hunting. The spears were made from bone.

3 How did Osage Indians cook the food?
The Osage woman made the food. They butchered, dried, and smoked the meat.

4 Osage Enemies The Osage Indians had many enemies. The white men, the Plain Indians, and other tribes were their enemies.

5 Osage Homes The Osage homes varied from tipis to half shelters. The women set up the tipis and half shelters.

6 Osage kids The Osage kids were only allowed to hunt when they were 16. They played many games, but there favorite was practing hunting.

7 Life of the Osage The Osage people number from 500 to 1000 people in a tribe. The Osage Indians did not waste anything from the animals they hunted.

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