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Station 6 All Stories Are Anansi’s African Folk Tale

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1 Station 6 All Stories Are Anansi’s African Folk Tale
EQ: Why are folk tales categorized as part of oral tradition?

2 Materials you will need:
Prentice Hall Literature Book (blue and black) Pencil Notebook Paper (Journal)

3 Folk tales are stories that are told by ordinary people and passed down orally. Many folk tales feature animals as characters, and they often teach a lesson to readers or listeners. Oral Tradition is the collection of songs, stories, and poems that are passed from generation to generation by word of mouth.

4 Quickwrite: “All Stories Are Anansi’s” is a folk tale about a spider that uses its brain to outwit other animals. Write two animals that would be good at tricking others, and tell what characteristics would make them good tricksters.

5 About the Selection In this folk tale, Anansi, trickster figure and hero of many West African tales, seeks to own “all the stories known in the world.” Anansi, the spider, goes to the Sky God who possesses all the stories. The Sky God agrees to sell Anansi the stories if Anansi will bring him the hornets, the great python, and the leopard. The tale describes how Anansi uses his brain to outwit these animals and capture them.

6 Time to Read Turn to page 926 of your literature book. Draw the chart located for number 8 at the bottom of the page. Turn to page 921 in your literature book. Begin reading “All Stories Are Anansi’s” with your group. Each member of your group must read part of the story. As you read, complete the chart giving examples of the elements of folk tales that you find in the story.

7 Extended Writing Write a review of “All Stories Are Anansi’s” in which you tell other readers whether or not they will enjoy the folk tale. -Give your opinions about the characters, the use of description and dialogue, and the plot. -Support your points with details from the story.

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