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AmRus Ventures, Inc. One Company for Unlimited Resources.

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1 AmRus Ventures, Inc. One Company for Unlimited Resources

2 Different countries need… Different solutions

3 About us… Welcome to AmRus Ventures, Inc. Our company is here to assist you in establishing trade and commerce relations with the Asian Republics of the Commonwealth of Independent States (Asian CIS) and Russia. Not only is Russia the largest country as far as time zones, it also has a market that is continually looking for new products. The Central Asian Republics are rapidly expanding their markets, too, and the United States is a great resource for providing products and services. AmRus Ventures, Inc. believes that businesses throughout the United States have something to offer these countries. Quality and craftsmanship are the essential values that our company believes in. Our company is committed to the reliability and craftsmanship of the domestic companies whose products we represent abroad. Since the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, Russia and the Central Asian Republics have redeveloped their economies even with the hardship of dealing with over 70 years of Soviet rule. What most people do not realize is that western countries incorrectly approached the Russian economy in their attempts to bring about rapid Capitalism. If you are aware of the attempts made by many western companies which tried to take advantage of the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, you probably know that most of these companies are no longer leaders in the current expanding Russian economy. The newly-formed Asian CIS republics are fairly new to the international marketplace and this creates opportunity for new markets and services. Due to the accessibility of quality goods imported to Russia and the Central Asian Republics from neighboring European countries, American companies are often unable to compete because of shipping costs and tariffs. However, due to the quality and profit margins of items which are superior in quality, design and use, AmRus Ventures, Inc. is able to offer domestic products to the Russian and Asian CIS consumer that are of the highest quality at competitive prices. If you would like to review our Capabilities Statement regarding U.S. Government Procurement, please click on this

4 Our services… AmRus Ventures, Inc. was formed to help U.S. companies export, sell and market their products to Russia and the Asian CIS which includes: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan. We are often asked why we do not help export American products to Western European markets instead of focusing on Russia and the Asian CIS. With the advent of the European Economic Community (EEC), American companies often cannot compete with European and Asian goods imported to Russia and the Asian CIS because of shipping costs, tariffs and the availability of less expensive and lesser quality goods from neighboring countries. Therefore, AmRus Ventures, Inc. has focused its efforts towards bringing high quality U.S. goods to these growing markets. AmRus Ventures, Inc. has developed connections with several types of Russian and Asian CIS businesses, as well as government agencies. These businesses range from construction and agricultural equipment to hydro/solar products and is only limited to the commitment of companies to have their products marketed by AmRus Ventures, Inc. In turn, our company is also able to assist foreign manufacturers a means for importing their products to the U.S. Although AmRus Ventures, Inc. can help export U.S. products for sale and distribution, we realize that it is not to our advantage to export all of the numerous U.S. products available for export to Russia and the Asian CIS. For example, an item which may have great promise for sale in a wet climate such as umbrellas, would not be particularly successful in Kazakhstan - a simple analogy, but one often underestimated when conducting business abroad. Complete research on each product is needed in each market so as to assure success. However, because of our business connections, it is feasible for us to negotiate other sales agreements and handle shipping contracts on behalf of American companies who want to sell and distribute their goods themselves. Below are only some of the categories of U.S. products that are made of quality materials and workmanship, and products we believe would be competitive in the Russian and Asian CIS economies: Heavy construction equipment Manufacturing equipment Small trucks and automobiles Agricultural products and equipment Biotechnology equipment and supplies Hydro and Solar technology products Forestry equipment Market-specific goods

5 Equipment Sales… Besides offering services for import/export and consulting matters, AmRus Ventures, Inc. is able to negotiate the sale of needed equipment for a wide variety of projects - from road construction, renewable power supply, dehydration machinery and many others. U.S. companies often update their equipment in all areas, from agriculture to construction and fleet vehicles. Foreign buyers are very interested in these types of vehicles as well as many other types of equipment. With the expanding production in all sectors (agriculture, communications, power generation, just to name a few), U.S. companies should take advantage of the increased need for equipment and products in Russia and Central Asia. There are several reasons for this. The first is that many U.S. companies do not have experience dealing with international clients. AmRus Ventures, is able to do the "leg work" in meeting with potential buyers because of our local business connections in these foreign markets. Project management is of particular interest to us. The second reason that U.S. companies are sometimes hesitant to do business with these new markets is political instability. However, even with political events seemingly turning countries upside down, business goes on and does not wait for "pro or con" governments to adhere to western standards. At the same time, examples show that instability is lessened when strong economic independence grows. Other reasons for companies not conducting business in these areas often relate to not knowing how or who to contact when wanting to do business. The markets in both Russia and Central Asia are increasing rapidly. With the Dollar weakened against the Euro, many foreign companies find it easier to purchase U.S. equipment even if the equipment has to be shipped across the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans. Also, with the higher quality of U.S. technology and regular servicing of equipment, now is a good opportunity to market used equipment. Renewable power resources are also finding their niche - providing needed rural and telecommunication power supplies. The opportunities for all companies, foreign or domestic, really are quite substantial. Whatever the equipment need - buying or selling, AmRus Ventures, Inc. can help do it for you.

6 USA Office: 3834 Ednor Road Baltimore, Maryland 21218 Tel. 410 585 4509 Fax. 410 235 5965 Uzbekistan Office: 107 B, Amir Timur Street Tashkent, Uzbekistan 700084 Tel. 998 98 128 9810 Russia Office: Moscow, Russia Tel. 7 495 744 5012

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