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Assistive Technologies An introduction to resources available at Hartnell College.

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1 Assistive Technologies An introduction to resources available at Hartnell College

2 Objectives of this course To become familiar with available assistive technology Understand why AT is necessary in a higher education learning environment Develop knowledge for technologies available to help students To learn the rights of students regarding accessible media and text.

3 Laws and Regulation Rehabilitation act of 1973 guides us as well as ADA act of 1990 –Public institution that receives federal funds As technology changes the community college constantly must meet ADA requirements with regards to technology Colleges are required to make reasonable accommodations –Students legal right not privilege –May require changes in teaching methods or assignments

4 Laws and Regulations New Regulations –Section 508 –Distance Education CCCCO offers assistance to making alternative media accessible. –Me! –Alternate Media Center –High Tech Center Training Unit –Closed Captioning Unit –Braille Units

5 Resources DisabilityTechnology Low Vision/Blind Physically Challenged/ LD Dragon Dictate/Naturally Speaking/Via Voice Low Vision/BlindZoomText and Closeview JAWS BlindBraille Embosser Duxburry Software Low Vision/BlindKurzweil 1000/3000 Deaf/Hard of HearingClosed Captioning Assisted Listening Devices General DisabilitiesOS Access Features

6 Voice Dictation Demo Dragon

7 Voice Dictation Technology Includes programs such as Via Voice and Dragon Great for people who might have RSI, moderate to severe physical disabilities that impair movement, LD, and possibly low vision or blind users. Drawbacks include user must produce a consistent voice output and blind users may also find it difficult For more info:

8 Screen Magnification Demo

9 Screen Magnification Software Includes programs such as ZoomText for pc and CloseView for Mac For people who have low vision. ZoomText also has screen reader for the blind to utilize as well. Site license here at Hartnell More info:

10 Screen Reader Demo

11 Screen Reader Software Screen readers offer low vision and blind students a voice to read whatever is on screen. This technology offers access to many software programs Some drawbacks include having trouble reading some web sites Software available on campus –JAWS for pc –ZoomText

12 Scan and Read Demo

13 Scan and Read Software Great for low vision and blind users who need to see material in print form We offer the Kurzweil software in conjunction with HP scanners Drawbacks include not really feasible time wise for a multitude of print Pluses are the technology is improving rapidly

14 Alternative Media Demo

15 Alternative Media Technology Alternative media encompasses our Brailler and software By CCCCO’s order we have to provide this service on demand Technology scans a print document and comes out of the embosser in Braille format More information:

16 Universal Access Features Mac and PC’s have built in to OS features for accessibility PC’s continually are getting better –Screen reader can be downloaded from Microsoft –Let’s Demo some of the features in the Windows operating system –See handout for more information

17 Other Technologies Assisted Listening Devices –Available through DSPS –Available for special video conferences in the TLC Closed Captioning –Latest requirements regarding videos, etc from the CCCCO –Where we are

18 Summary We have learned today: –The background of AT –Resources available for people with disabilities –Resources available here on campus –How to find these resources here and an overview of their uses

19 More Resources Visit the following sites for more info: – – – – – –

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