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Al Capone Does my Shirts

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1 Al Capone Does my Shirts
Written By Gennifer Choldenko

2 This is a picture of the island.


4 The Summary of This Book:
The story takes place in the 1930's, when 12 year old boy named Moose Flanagan and his family live on Alcatraz. His "younger" sister, Natalie has a case of what we now call autism, and life is very hard for their family. They moved to Alcatraz so that Natalie could go to a special school called Esther P. Marinoff, a school in San Fransico for autistic children. The school only alows children from the age of 10, and Natalie is 15. They a also moved there so Moose's dad coul have a job. During that time, San Fransico was under a depression, so the prices there were very high, but on Alcatraz, the prices were not. As the book progresses, Mooose learns meets the other kids on the island, and learns about, friendship, trust, his sister, and the mysterious Al Capone.

5 Al Capone Moose Flanagan
Characters of the book

6 Natalie, Mr. and Mrs. Flanagan, Warden Williams, Piper, Theresa, Jimmy, Annie, Scout, 105

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8 The End

9 Credits: Creator of Slide: Perry F. Directed by: Perry F.
Book Written by: gennifer choldenko Special thanks to: Mrs. W, Gennifer choldenko

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