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Al-Qaeda The Threat Today Chuck Feer Criminal Justice Dept. Bakersfield College.

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1 Al-Qaeda The Threat Today Chuck Feer Criminal Justice Dept. Bakersfield College

2 Introduction Al-Qaeda has a worldwide reach serving as the unbrella organization for a worldwide network that includes many Islamic groups. The have become less of an organization and more of an order. They provide ideological guidance to semi-autonomous cells around the world, that are loosely tied to each other. The shadowy network of cells recruits Islamist extremists, trains them and sends them to attack U.S. & western interests.

3 Osama bin Laden May be in hiding, but experts believe that Al-Qaeda remains fully capable of, and determined to kill large numbers of Westerners and disrupt the global economy. Al-Qaeda will do so by orchestrating attacks worldwide, by recruiting local groups of fanatics to do so.

4 Al-Qaeda’s Influence Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) rules a wide, lawless area of the Sahara and is trying to overthrow Algeria’s government. AQIM is suspected of kidnapping several French nationals and Africans from Niger. Kidnapping for Ransom is a major source of funding.

5 Al-Qaeda’s Influence Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) – Yemen, has an English-language publication “Inspire” Magazine. Urges Muslims in western countries to carry out random terrorist attacks.

6 Al-Qaeda Threat FBI Director Robert Mueller explains that groups and individuals inspired by Al-Qaeda are switching to smaller scale attacks.

7 Al-Qaeda Threat Child Suicide Attack Suicide bomber believed to be 12 – 15 years old killing 31 soldiers and injured 40 others in northwestern Pakistan. Al-Qaeda linked Taliban claimed responsibility. The poor cannot afford to send children to school, so they enroll them in extremist religious schools – “Madrassas” Glorious path to heaven.

8 Al-Qaeda Threat Australian Crime Commission reports that terrorists are using similar techniques to drug traffickers and other criminals which shows a link to organized crime.

9 Al-Qaeda South American drug gangs are providing funding to terrorists by paying Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) to ensure the safe passage of cocaine across North Africa.

10 Anwar al Awlaki American Citizen (born in New Mexico). Living in Yemen (moves around constantly) “Islamic Scholar” radicalizes and incites American Muslims to commit terrorist acts. Several terror attacks where the terrorist said they were influenced by his lectures, writings and videos downloaded from the internet.

11 Conclusion Based on disrupted plots, D.H.S. (TSA) assesses that AQ have demonstrated a continuing desire, intent and capability to attack the Homeland including mass transit systems. Most likely may be passenger rail cars or stations. Terrorists will most likely utilize improvised explosive devices (IEDs) or conduct armed assaults.

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