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Collagraph New and improved. Collagraph as etching.

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1 Collagraph New and improved

2 Collagraph as etching

3 Collagraph as relief

4 Simple collagraph as etching

5 More complex

6 Collagraph Relief/Etching

7 Assignment: 1.Make a practice board – 4” X 6” 2.Use mediums for texture 3.Glue cut-out shapes (exacto knife) 4.Glue textured materials 5.Seal with varnish (modge/podge or glue) 6.Print with press 7. to understand the process as preparation for planning narrative print

8 Printmaking as Narrative Collagraph

9 Printmaker as children’s book illustrator Wanda Gag

10 Narrative Print Examples Antonio Frasconi

11 Collagraph as Narrative

12 Textures with Solids

13 Interesting pattern Use


15 Collagraph Assignment Steps: 1.Create textured practice board – understanding of process 2.Choose or create a cut-out (character or object) 3.Write or draw story ideas about the character or object in your sketchbook. 4.Discuss these ideas with Mrs. Rogers. 5.Choose one narrative idea and begin developing an illustration (a picture for your story) 6.Draw thumbnails of your illustration 7.Decide which objects you would like to have lighter, or textured. 8.Discuss with Mrs. Rogers and begin creating collagraph board with cardstock for solids and other materials for textures.


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