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Parkside Middle School SUCCESS is the ONLY Option at PARKSIDE Friday, September 20 th, 2013.

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1 Parkside Middle School SUCCESS is the ONLY Option at PARKSIDE Friday, September 20 th, 2013

2 Parkside Middle School Vision and Mission We are Parkside, a culturally and technologically rich learning community in which all stakeholders are encouraged and challenged. We provide a safe and respectful student-focused environment in which all are held to high standards and expectations.

3 Parkside Middle School Administrative Team Principal – Dr. Boynton Assistant Principal 7 th Grade– Mrs. Kidwell Assistant Principal 8 th Grade – Mrs. Burnette Teacher on Administrative Assignment 6 th Grade – Mr. Marchinetti Specialty Program Coordinator- Mrs. Knowlton Athletic Coordinator – Mrs. Harigan Security Specialist – Mr. Evers Guidance Director: Mr. Gorham

4 Parkside Middle School Expectations for Students What is a quality student? How do you become a quality student? What can we do to help all students become quality students?

5 Parkside Middle School Our Expectations for our students at Parkside Success is the ONLY option at Parkside; All students will be successful academically at Parkside; All students will be respectful to self and others; All students will strive to be the best that they can be!

6 Parkside Middle School FOCUS for 2013 Tardy to class – 3 tardies to class = administrative detention Dress Code – Represent Parkside at all times! Dress for success! Hall/Bathroom Passes – NO STUDENT should be in the hallway during class time without a pass.

7 Parkside Middle School Students at Parkside… 1.will choose to COMMIT to their own personal success; 2.will choose to FOCUS their efforts on school and their own personal academic achievement; 3.will choose to WORK HARD and be the best that they can be. 4.will choose to BELIEVE in their own abilities and not let others or mistakes prevent them from trying again.

8 Parkside Middle School We Want to Hear your R.O.A.R.!!! RESPECTFUL Respect yourself, respect others, speak politely, use your manners (please & thank you), listen when others are speaking, be considerate and include others, keep hands, feet and other objects to yourself, and treat others the way you would like to be treated ORGANIZED Have all necessary supplies for class, follow directions the first time when asked, keep your locker neat and orderly, know what assignments you need to have for class, enter and exit the classroom in an orderly manner. ACCOUNTABLE Turn in all assignments, obey directions from adults, cooperate with your teachers and classmates, be fair and play by the rules, do your best to keep the school clean, always do your best. RESPONSIBLE / RESPONSE-ABLE Complete all assignments, act in a safe manner always, report any unsafe behavior, accept responsibility for your actions, and take responsibility for your learning and be response-able to your classmates. 8

9 Parkside Middle School The Cambridge Pledge I will work with information and ideas. I will be responsive and respectful of others I will be equipped for new and future challenges. I am responsible for my own learning. I am response-able to the success of others I will make a difference *Confident *Responsible *Innovative *Engaged

10 Parkside Middle School CROSS THE LINE Over the next 5 minutes, I’d like to introduce you to our vision for Parkside… It’s all about making good things happen for yourselves while you’re here at Parkside. Please give your full attention to the screen and the words. We don’t want you to miss out on it.

11 Parkside Middle School Closing Thoughts… Thanks for your attention, everyone. Over the coming weeks, let’s all start thinking how we can cross the line in more areas of our lives here at Parkside – in our classes… in our activities… in our sports… at home too maybe. Remember we’re all responsible for ourselves and our results… regardless of the challenges we face… regardless of the difficult people we’ll bump into from time to time. Let those lines you cross as you come into the school, step into your classrooms, step into the gym, help you remember to commit to making good things happen for yourselves and the people around you, whatever you may be working on.

12 Parkside Middle School I’m counting on you. Let’s count on each other with this. Let’s go to work, Let’s make good things happen for ourselves and the people around us. REMEMBER – SUCCESS is the ONLY option at PARKSIDE.

13 Parkside Middle School Andrew’s first driving lesson………. Oh, am I in trouble!

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