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Strategic Plan for Aging Well in Jefferson County

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1 Strategic Plan for Aging Well in Jefferson County
Susan Franklin, Program Manager Jefferson County Human Services


3 Aging of the U.S. Baby Boomer Generation (10 slides – 1950 to 2040)

4 Aging of the U.S. Baby Boomer Generation

5 Aging of the U.S. Baby Boomer Generation
1970 >

6 Aging of the U.S. Baby Boomer Generation
1980 >

7 Aging of the U.S. Baby Boomer Generation
1990 >

8 Aging of the U.S. Baby Boomer Generation
2000 >

9 Aging of the U.S. Baby Boomer Generation
2010 >

10 Aging of the U.S. Baby Boomer Generation
2020 >

11 Aging of the U.S. Baby Boomer Generation
2030 >

12 Aging of the U.S. Baby Boomer Generation


14 Jefferson County Aging Well Project
VISION Jefferson County: A thriving community for aging well. MISSION To develop and implement strategies creating inclusive, livable communities through sustainable partnerships and integrated services.

15 What Is It? Two plus year planning process
Multiple year implementation process ( ) Appointed Leadership Committee is guiding project Funding has come from: Jefferson County Human Services Colorado Department of Transportation Rose Community Foundation Many Partners

16 Leadership Committee St. Anthony Hospital Colorado Commission on Aging
Jefferson County Planning and Zoning Lutheran Family Services InnovAge Seniors’ Resource Center Jefferson County Department of Health and Environment Jefferson Center for Mental Health Consumers including members representing the Latino and GLBT communities Jefferson County Council on Aging Veterans Services Columbine Community Village Build Responsible Institute The ARC-Jefferson, Clear Creek and Gilpin

17 Leadership Committee Jefferson County Community Development
City of Lakewood Senior Services Volunteers of America Parks and Recreation Centers The Legal Center for Elderly and People with Disabilities Jefferson County Workforce Center Developmental Disabilities Resource Center Adult Protection Options for Long Term Care Jefferson County Human Services BrightStar Care Mullins Youngdahl Design Company LiveWell Wheat Ridge Life Point Realty Urbitecture

18 Aging Well Organizational Chart

19 First Year Ascertained what Jefferson County has in place
Developed maps to guide our work in collaboration with Planning and Zoning Each workgroup prepared a report: Past trends Future trends Strengths and Assets Gaps in Services Priority Areas Sought additional funding

20 Second Year Based on gaps and needs identified in first year:
Promising Practices nationally and internationally Strategic Plan: who, what, where, when Funding Champions in the Community Jefferson County Summit on Aging, June 16, 2010 (and beyond)

21 Housing Workgroup Housing Options Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)
Co-Housing (Nationally, Co one of the most) Shared Housing Multi-Generational Housing Affordability Retrofits (including empty or declining malls) Visitability and Universal Design Assisted Living Facilities Nursing Homes Visitability: Lafayette, Co (2007 requiring 25% of units) and Arvada (2005 requiring 15%) (both are mandate based) Mandatory vs. Incentive Based No step entrance costs about $400. Here? $17,000-$27,000 Co –housing: Co has 16. Calif, Washington and Mass have more.

22 From the CASOA: Unincorporated Jefferson County
42% Response Rate 98% Registered to vote 97% Voted in the 2009 election $340 M Estimated annual economic contribution of older adults 81 Average rating of Jefferson County as a place to live 69 Average rating of Jefferson County as a place to retire 51 Average rate of overall services for older adults

23 CASOA, cont. 38 Average rating of affordable, quality housing
45 Average rating of housing options 5% Increase from 2005 of those having at least minor problems finding housing to suit their needs

24 At least a minor issue 31% Affording their property taxes
30% Affording medications 29% Having enough money 48% Difficulty maintaining their yards 54% Difficulty with housework 43% Difficulty maintaining their home 38% Hours spent providing care to someone over 60 (10% over hours per week)

25 Benefits to Seniors of ADUs
Move in with or near family (Important!) Remain on their property and rent out home to supplement fixed income Age in place House a caretaker Convenience (transportation, doctors, groceries, churches) Delay institutional living (costly to society)

26 Community Benefits of ADUs
Smart Growth/Urban Infill Housing Increases Rental Options and Overall Housing Supply Maximizes Existing Infrastructure Environmentally Friendly Solution for Housing Needs for Seniors

27 Opposition to ADUs Decreases in Property Values and Neighborhood Character Parking Water/Utilities Overwhelm Existing Infrastructure

28 Research Shows About 1 ADU per year per 1000 single-family households/1.2 persons Properties better maintained if owner lives there Affects on property value: Depends Craft your ordinance Survey Residents Arvada (2007), Golden (2010), Lakewood (2013)

29 How Will This Effect Your Business or Where You Work or Personally?
Will there be more people driving on the road during the day and less at night? Will there be more people going to lunch vs. dinner? How can I be more sensitive to my employee who is caring for an elderly parent? Will there be more people willing to volunteer? What kind of incentives could I provide older volunteers? What type of civil and criminal issues are seniors dealing with? How can I help?

30 How Will This Effect Your Business or Where You Work or Personally?
What can individuals and employers do to help an older person stay in their home? Are the sidewalks around my business or house suitable for people to walk in order to catch a bus? How is the lighting in my parking lot? Is it conducive to people feeling safe? Are there enough classes/civic activities for older people to be engaged? What are the housing options in the city?

31 Website Aging Well Jefferson County or Google
CASOAs, Report and Strategic Plans and other materials can be found on the website

32 Susan Franklin, Program Manager
Contact Information Susan Franklin, Program Manager (303)

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