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Using Journal and Other Tablet PC Tools. Tools Bars in Journal To access all tool bars click on view and select each tool bar to activate each.

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1 Using Journal and Other Tablet PC Tools

2 Tools Bars in Journal To access all tool bars click on view and select each tool bar to activate each

3 Using the View Menu Allows you to individually select toolbars you want to use May be useful to turn on all toolbars while presenting using a projector so you do not have to search for the tools

4 Journal Uses With Journal you can print normal documents to Journal  Uses for printing to Journal Can highlight and take notes on a document to be used as notes for students Allows for cutting and pasting on an existing document Can save the Journal notes taken on the document to distribute to students Examples of what could be printed to Journal  Word Documents  PowerPoints  Web Pages These documents can be used in conjunction with a projector and be used as a presentation tool for lectures

5 Printing a Document to Journal To print a document to Journal  Click File, Print, and select Journal Note Writer as the Printer and click OK

6 Example PowerPoint Printed to Journal

7 Word Document Printed to Journal

8 Navigating Pages in Journal When Printing a document in Journal you can navigate through the document by:  Clicking on the page number at the bottom of the screen  Using the scroll bar on the right side of the screen  Allows you to navigate easily through a PowerPoint or document while annotating during a lecture

9 Views in Journal The View menu allows you to select different views you can use while working on or presenting a document You can also use the View Toolbar to zoom in and out of a document

10 Changing Handwritten text formatting Select the text using the selection tool on the Pen Tool bar Select the text by dragging the selection tool around the text and then right mouse click for the format ink menu Some options include Bold, Italic, color, line thickness

11 Other Journal Uses Receive student assignments Print to Journal Grade/annotate in the Journal Return Journal is capable of being read by virtually all machines

12 Can Manipulate Items Can Cut Copy Paste Move items once they have been selected. Use the Subset the handwritten on type written text. May need to highlight portions of type written text.

13 Explore Microsoft Experience Pack

14 Snipping Tool 2.0 Snipping tool allows you to select websites using a freehand tool or rectangle tool to select parts of a webpage for example You can copy the image to the clipboard and past into any document to take notes on the page using the stylus

15 Explore Microsoft Education Pack

16 Equation Writer Example Using Microsoft Equation Writer, you can handwrite an equation and quickly convert it into an accurately formed, typewritten equation. You can then copy and paste the equation into a report, assignment, or presentation as a bitmap graphic.

17 Microsoft Ink Flash Cards Microsoft Ink Flash Cards offers a great way to learn facts, test knowledge, or study for an exam on the Tablet PC. Flash Card are setup to run automatically when reviewed Use as a study aid Allows you to change settings to your preference when reviewing

18 What is OneNote It is an electronic version of the 5 subject notebook. OneNote is a flexible program that enables users to organize information from a variety of sources in a system that suits their needs. Students could create folders for each semester Create sections within each folder for each class Pages within sections for each class, notes, project plans OneNote for note taking using either the keyboard or the stylus.

19 A OneNote Page OneNote allows you to either enter typed or handwritten notes and other information. Type using a keyboard or draw using your stylus pen

20 OneNote Structure Layout My Notebook Everything in OneNote is within My Notebook. Both folders and sections are stored here. Folders These are an organizational aid. You don't have to use folders — they're optional — but they're useful if you do. Each folder can hold many sections. Sections Sections are another organizational aid, but they're not optional. Sections are used to keep pages of a similar type grouped together. Pages This is where you actually put your notes. You can write, type, or draw on a page just as you do on paper. It's easy to add pages to a section by clicking the New Page tab.

21 Pages in OneNote When you open OneNote, you're straight into a notebook page where you can take notes. Think of it as turning the cover on a paper pad. Unlike a paper notebook, the page in OneNote autosizes and keeps on growing as information is added. So you won't have to squeeze tiny notes in the margin as you would on paper

22 OneNote Tabs 1.Tabs down the side are for pages. 2.Shorter tabs down the side are for subpages, grouped under a page tab. 3.Some tabs across the top are for sections. A section tab shares color with the tabs of the pages in that section. 4. Other tabs across the top are for folders, and those tabs have a folder icon. 5.Click the arrow next to the active folder's name to see the folder and section list.

23 Viewing Folders in OneNote and Windows The folder structure in onennote is similar to that in window except that windows explore can only view the folders note the sections in a folder like one note A folder you see in OneNote folder and section list is the same as the folder you see in the My Documents folder list. The My Notebook folder in OneNote, showing folders and sections. The My Notebooks folder within My Documents, showing the folders it contains. The sections in OneNote don't show in the Windows folder list as they're files rather than folders.

24 Convert handwriting to text To convert your handwriting to text  Write on the screen  Select text by using the text/selection tool button (A button on the toolbar  Click on tools, treat selected text as, handwriting to have the system recognize the writing  Then click on tools, Convert handwriting to text  The handwriting will convert to text. May have to make small corrections

25 Text on A Page When text is entered on a page, a box is formed around the text. This box forms a container the text. Each box is can be individually moved and resized. Allows you to move block of text the page to organize the notes page

26 Using Websites in OneNote Copy and Paste websites in onenote to add to your notes Can select and copy and paste or use a snipping tool from the Microsoft Experience pack Write notes and highlight your web pages

27 Using Documents in One Note Copy and Paste Office documents into OneNote for easy note taking Handwrite notes, draw diagrams during a presentation to review later

28 OneNote Info OneNote saves automatically. By default the notes are saved every 30 seconds. They are also saved whenever you close OneNote. By default all the notes in OneNote are saved in the My Notebook folder in the My Documents folder on your computer. When you open OneNote again, it will be where it was when you closed it. Allows you to easily find the last notes you used.

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