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How can I be successful in this course?

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1 How can I be successful in this course?
PC 832 Orientation How can I be successful in this course?

2 Components of the PC 832 Course
Professional Orientation Community Relations Law Laws of Evidence Communications Investigation Arrest and Control Firearms Course

3 Passing Standards California POST requires a 75% or higher grade on the written test for this course Part I ( Sections A-G in your text) The standard for passing a course at Hartnell College is a “D” or better grade

4 This means that a student can receive a passing grade in this class and NOT BE CERTIFIED BY POST!

5 Part II Firearms Course
Includes Firearm Safety, Firearms Care, Familiarization and Shooting Shotgun Familiarization

6 Firearms Test 36 Rounds Timed Fire Three Distances: 3, 7, 15 yards
B27 Target Only one Remediation

7 Requirements Arrest Course 40 Hours Firearms Course 24 Hours
Live Scan Results must be in before any student can pick up a firearm PC 832 Arrest Methods is Pass/Fail

8 Arrest and Control Methods/ Firearms Training
Requires bending, stretching searching of “suspects” ALL safety standards must be met

9 Other Requirements This course must be interactive
This Course requires weekly assignments There will be a Weekly Quiz Missing Two classes is a Withdrawal Late attendees are ABSENT PROFESSIONALISM

10 Course Materials 100 rounds of 9mm ammunition
25 rounds of .38 ammunition 10 12 gauge 00 buckshot rounds Results of Live Scan PC 832 Concepts text

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