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Transportation Website. Documentation on Pre Trip Form Documentation of Pre-trip Form Check mark versus “X” – Drivable = Needs Repaired = “X” – If repaired.

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1 Transportation Website

2 Documentation on Pre Trip Form Documentation of Pre-trip Form Check mark versus “X” – Drivable = Needs Repaired = “X” – If repaired after you have pre-tripped, circle the “X” – this indicates it has been repaired N/A Mileage Signature Time and Dates – 10 minute pre-trip – 5 minute post-trip Drive time to requested parking location is not paid Documenting you did something that was not done could cost a life!

3 Pre Trip: Pre-Start & Under Hood

4 Pre Trip: Walk Around

5 Post Trip

6 Pre Trip: Inside the Bus, Starting Time, *, Beginning / Ending Mileage

7 Why Would Garry Puetz ride your bus? Who is Garry Puetz?

8 Checking your Mirrors (weekly) Mirror grid check is at the bus shop Fuel Pumps

9 What is the GA 400 Crossing Procedure To cross GA 400 from Hwy 369 to the Dawson County line, a driver must do the following: 1. Cross at one of the five locations that has a stop light; a. Hwy 369 (Matt Hwy) b. Martin Rd. c. Settendown Rd. d. Crossroads Rd. e. Jot-Em-Down Rd. 2. If equipped, turn on the “Strobe Light” on the top of the bus at least 300 feet prior to the intersection. Turn the Strobe Light off 300 feet after the intersection. 3. Cross defensively when you have waited at the light or have actually seen the light turn green; approach theintersection at a speed of no more than 35 mph.

10 GA 400 Crossing Procedure Cont’d a. Drivers approaching an intersection where they have a “stale green light” should slow to 25 mph and exercise extreme caution before entering theintersection. 4. At any intersection, but especially when crossing GA400 (or any thoroughfare with heavy commercial traffic,)school buses should not enter the intersection until the driver has scanned left, right, front and again left to determine that all approaching traffic has slowed to a stop or that the bus can clear the intersection (to the median) prior to any approaching traffic entering the intersection. a. Drivers must scan completely again as they approach the median and get ready to cross the second set of lanes. 5. If other vehicles are approaching any intersection, even if our driver has the right of way by virtue of a green light, do not assume they will slow or stop; prepare for the worst and plan to prevent it. a. If there is room for any doubt, STOP! b. Do not proceed into any intersection before ensuring that all traffic is a) stopped or b) that vehicles are sufficiently distant that even if the vehicle does not stop, you can safely cross the lanes of the road!

11 Road Skills On the road skills – Railroad Crossing Number of tracks Stop light or no light after tracks Can you clear all the tracks? – Speed control School zones

12 Road Skills (2) * Safe pull-over locations Fire stations Sheriff stations Other schools Loading and unloading If reviewing crossing procedures on school grounds, assign drivers 1,2,3. If reviewing crossing procedures on the road, assign lead drivers 1,2,3.

13 Road Skills (3) Backing “Best Practice” is to cut cul-de-sacs in half. Turning Right Hand Turn Left Hand Turn Stopping – Balk Line – Stop Sign Road Skills (2)

14 Student Management MODEL what you expect Be present and in the moment when loading and unloading at the schools – Stand at your seat – Know who is boarding your bus No phone No books No distractions Only drink water

15 Student Lists Purposes & How to read – Route start time vs Time student should arrive at the stop. – AM List – PM List – A & P Medical List – Roster for accidents – Roll Call: place check mark for those riding

16 STUDENT LISTS Route Stop Time vs. Bus Stop Time Driver should verify the time the student was told to arrive at the stop and should not arrive earlier than 8:03AM using the example below.

17 Student Lists

18 Medical Info This is not to be shared with anyone.

19 Seating Chart Electronic or Handwritten - Names should be as shown on SL – All 3 names if goes by middle; circle the name – Nicknames should be listed next to the students First & Last name – Indicate helpers by placing a capital H to the right of the students name – Only assign students that actually ride – Infrequent riders should be listed as floaters

20 Log Books Log the facts, only the facts. Do not log your opinion….only the facts. – Phone calls – Parent notifications – Bus Discipline Forms – Journal some good stuff too! Keep it on your bus at all times Update your logbook on your bus and leave it there.

21 Crossing Procedure AM & PM AM PM 2 finger sweep eliminates miscommunication of oncoming driver that they are being motioned to move through the stop sign.

22 District Particulars No Backing without assistance Do not block crosswalks that are in bus lanes Seatbelts on at any time the parking brake is not set

23 Radio Usage Eliminate unnecessary transmissions Need Administrator – pull to area designated by DS for that school * activate hazards * toot horn 3 times 10-7 & 10-8 only if you are going to be delayed more than 5 minutes to your next stop/route.

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