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1 Grants- As easy as I, 2, 3 You want one, I’ve got one! Here’s what you need to do. Presented by: Beth J. Helterbran, Recreation & Parks Adviser Bureau of Recreation & Conservation Community Parks & Conservation Division e-mail:

2 DCNR- BRC Grant Overview Introduction- Bureau of Rec. & Conservation Land Acquisition Planning Development Understand the Bureau’s Mission Statement Understand the Bureau’s Program Requirements; Policies, etc.

3 DCNR- BRC Grant Overview Development Projects = Site Construction Funding Availability Match Requirements (SC) Small Communities (PRD) Park Rehabilitation & Development Competitive Award Process Annual Application Period- (January – April)

4 Grants- As easy as I, 2, 3 1.Create a GREAT Project 2.Identify and tackle potential issues before you develop your application 3.Develop a complete and competitive grant application

5 Elements of a GREAT Project Start with public participation and planning Include a Design Consultant 1. To facilitate planning 2. To provide expertise 3. To develop lay-out, Park Site Development Drawings, Construction Drawings, etc.

6 Elements of a GREAT Project Design with the Site in Mind Consider the affiliated long-term maintenance and operations costs Site security needs

7 Planning for a GREAT Project Why do you want to build this facility? What type of facility is needed? What are the community’s goals? ( Current/Long-Term)

8 Planning for a GREAT Project Where is the facility to be built? Do you have an appropriate site? What is the project timetable? –Can you construct in phases?

9 Planning for a GREAT Project How will the facility be built? Who will build it? –Financial Considerations Operations and Maintenance –Costs and Personnel

10 What is DCNR-BRC looking for in your Project? Well-thought out and designed projects- Ready-To-Go! Must own or control the site for at least 25 years Site must be open to the public Non-Discrimination: regarding ADA access and public access

11 What is DCNR-BRC looking for in your Project? Site must be properly maintained Project must create a complete and useable facility Non-Conversion of property in the future

12 Common Stumbling Blocks Master Site Plan not developed up front Special Interest Groups dominate project design - Needs of community at large may be overlooked Project costs are under-estimated Too many activities at one site Inadequate or ill-designed parking area Change of local leadership

13 Project Design Considerations Environmental and Physical Characteristics Work with the site –Steep Slopes? –Floodplains? –Wetlands? –Forested? –Permitting Issues?

14 Project Design Considerations Space Requirements - Analyze and determine all Site functions - Analyze circulation patterns and position of spectators - Consider buffers between activities

15 Project Design Considerations Develop a Master Site Plan –Allow your Design Consultant to be creative, but realistic Site Development Drawings Consider inclusion of Open Space

16 Project Design Conside rations Seek to limit conflict between sunlight and players and/or spectators –Conditions worsen with direct sunlight Seek to limit conflict between facilities

17 Project Design Considerations

18 Project Design Considerations Primary Orientations: - Tennis & Basketball Courts - Soccer Fields - Ballfields - Slides (N – S) vs. (E - W)

19 Project Design Consideratio ns Surface Drainage/Grading

20 Project Design Considerations Gradient - Court Games: neither player should have a slope advantage - Similar elevations at serving points related to net - Gradient must not change so suddenly that player stumbles

21 Project Design Considerations Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) - At least one accessible route connecting all funded facilities and elements –Minimum 5 foot unobstructed width –Stable, firm, slip resistant surface



24 Project Design Considerations Parking Needs - Safe, Efficient Movement of Traffic - Ample Turning - Reasonable Grades - ADA Parking spaces; BRC requires paved spaces - Accessible Route(s) linking funded facilities to ADA parking



27 Project Design Considerations Parking Guidelines - Swimming Pools – 1 space per 30 sq. feet - Baseball – 35 spaces per field - Tennis – 2 spaces per court - Athletic Fields & Courts – 1 space per 300 sq. feet - Local ordinances should be consulted

28 Project Design Considerations Site Amenities- Don’t forget them! - Benches - Picnic Tables - Bleachers - Players Benches-Dugouts - Trash Receptacles - Water Fountains - Restrooms/Concession Areas - Utilities



31 DCNR- BRC Grant Application What makes a complete & competitive Grant Application? 1.YOU develop and submit a realistic, well-defined SCOPE OF WORK, which includes ADA accommodations. 2.YOU provide a realistic BUDGET that includes all of the proposed elements in your scope of work and the costs of the required professional services.

32 DCNR- BRC Grant Application 3. YOU submit a professionally designed PARK SITE DEVELOPMENT DRAWING, that accurately reflects the existing site elements, the proposed scope of work and all ADA accommodations. 4. YOU complete and submit all required project documentation with your application.

33 DCNR- BRC Grant Application 5. Project Narrative Selection Criteria Questions- (4) Criteria Questions: - Project Needs & Benefits(45) pts. - Relationship of your Project (20) pts. w/ Plans and Public Engagement - Project Partners & Commitment(15) pts. - Sustainable & Green Practices(20) pts.

34 DCNR- BRC Grant Application Address each of the Criteria Questions- be complete & concise; you only have (4) pgs. Address all elements outlined with the sub- sections of the (4) Criteria Questions Remember that every project can incorporate Sustainable & Green Practices Failure to answer or address the sub-sections will result in lower scores

35 It’s all about timing… don’t rush it Don’t be afraid…It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! Take the time you need to develop a GREAT project- Plan Ahead! (It may take 6-9 months.) Work with your Community & your DCNR Regional Adviser to tackle potential problems Once the project is ready and your match is in place…Allow yourself 3 - 4 weeks to compile and submit your Application

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