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Personal Finance Bell Ringer Agenda

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1 Personal Finance Bell Ringer Agenda
On an interview, what will the interviewer be asking about you? Agenda PowerPoint on Effective Communication Skills Review Questions

2 Effective Communication Skills on an Interview

3 Communication Skills Important for every employee Needed for every job
Allows for job efficiency

4 Types of Communication Skills
Speaking Listening Interacting Reading Writing Negotiating Convincing

5 Speaking & Listening Most common skills looked for
Job candidates will be tested on these skills Observed when the candidate and interviewer are speaking

6 Good communication skills will determine if you are…
Prepared Have confidence in yourself Are interested in the job Able to communicate well with others Bosses Co-workers Customers Business partners

7 Listening Non verbal communication Patience Active listener
Listen before you speak Active listener Respond using facial expressions and head nods

8 Listening Continued.. Eye contact Good posture Smile and nod head
Ask for questions to be repeated

9 Speaking Think before you speak Use proper English
No slang Project confidence and positive energy

10 Speaking Continued.. Use natural gestures Speak clearly
Maintain eye contact Smile and use your energy!

11 5 Ways to Improve Your Interview
Start strong Show confidence from the start Talk first Make an effort to introduce yourself first Make eye contact Be friendly Want to be liked Engage is discussions It is okay to disagree

12 Sell Your Communication Skills!
On trial during an interview Impress with your intelligence and personality Engage in conversations to help yourself appear interesting Do not sound rehearsed


14 Review Questions How can good communication skills help you get a job?
What are 3 of the 5 ways to improve a job interview? Name 1 way to be a good listener. Name 1 way to be a good speaker.

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