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Principles of Training

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1 Principles of Training
Chapter 5 Principles of Training

2 Factors to consider when starting a training program
Past medical history Previous involvement in physical activity Present health

3 Principles of Training
Principle of Overload Principle of Progression Principle of Specificity

4 Principle of Overload Milo of Crotona and the legendary use of the overload principle to increase his strength. The body will become stronger and function better if increased demands are place upon it. Overload is working harder than is normal for you. The amount depends on the individual.

5 Use F.I.T. to overload F=Frequency=how often= at least 3 times/week
I=Intensity=how hard= 50-85% of maximal heart rate reserve T=Time=how long= 20-60 minutes/session **When you increase the amount of time you exercise, intensity will decrease and vice versa.

6 Principle of Specificity
You must do specific exercises to improve specific components of physical fitness in specific body parts.

7 Principle of Progression
The workload must be progressively increased for improvement to occur. Increase workload when your body adapts.

8 The goal of a training program is an efficient, safe, deliberate approach. To know when it is safe to increase overload you should: -keep an exercise log -evaluate your fitness level -know the training principles The amount of overload differs with each individual. Older or overweight individuals may need to reduce the intensity and time of their workouts-BUT-they still need to follow the principles of overload, progression and specificity.

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