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Process Skills Review sheet. #1 a. Observation b. Qualitative c. Quantitative.

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1 Process Skills Review sheet

2 #1 a. Observation b. Qualitative c. Quantitative

3 #2 Measurement Tools a. Thermometer – Temperature - o C b. Triple beam balance – Mass – Grams (g) c. Stopwatch – Time - seconds

4 d. Graduated cylinder or beaker – Volume – Liters (ml) e. Ruler or meter stick- Length – Meters (mm, cm, m) f. Spring scale – Weight or Force – Newtons (N) #3 Measurement Tools

5 #4 an explanation of an observation. There may be more than one, you need more investigation. Independent / manipulated Dependent / responding

6 #5 Data table IV Time under lamp (min.) DV Temp. of water ( o C)

7 #6 Qualitative observations to represent and compare data Quantitative data is collected over time, shows how data changes over time, connect dots

8 #7 DRY MIX

9 #8 Name both variables Look for patterns or trends Valid conclusion

10 #9 1. State the relationship between the IV and DV 2. State whether the data supports the hypothesis or not

11 #10 a. The numbers should be in evenly spaced intervals b. The axis should be labeled to identify what the numbers are (ex. Grams, #of people, etc)

12 #11 Dichotomous key 1. Always begin with the first choice 2. Keep following choices until you find the identity 3. Once identified you will know physical characteristics

13 #12 Technological Design #1 Identify a problem or need Gather information on what is already known about the problem

14 #2 Design a solution or product Generate ideas on possibilities Decide what factors will limit the design (materials/money) Decide what must be given up to create your idea #13 Technological Design

15 #3 Implementing the design Build and test the product Identify problems with the product Redesign if needed to eliminate problems #14 Technological Design

16 #4 Evaluate the solution or product Determine if it solved the problem Identify pros and cons of the product #15 Technological Design

17 #16 Scientific method 1. Identify a testable question (one variable) 2. Research information 3. State the hypothesis – a prediction to the outcome

18 4. Design an experiment a. Plan for IV, DV, CV (things kept the same) b. List materials c. List procedure d. Plan to record data 5. Conduct experiment, record data, graph 6. Analyze to figure out what data means 7. Compare results to hypothesis 8. Communicate results with others #17 Scientific method

19 #18 Safety 1. Wear goggles when needed 2. Teacher cleans up glass 3. Do not put things in your mouth 4. Follow directions 5. Clean up and wash hands when done

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