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Africa South of the Sahara Today

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1 Africa South of the Sahara Today
Unit 7 – Chapter 22 Africa South of the Sahara Today Ch 22 PP

2 I. Section I Living in Africa South of the Sahara Play Pump-
Children play on merry-go-round and pump water into tower at the same time! Ch 22 PP

3 A. Agriculture Farming Methods & Export Crops
Farming is the main economic activity of this region Subsistence Farming – most people do this Shifting Farming – move every 2-3 years to find better soil Sedentary Farming – most common in areas w/good soil Commercial Farming – produce crops on a large scale Cash Crops – palm oil, peanuts, cacao, sisal (used in rope) Ch 22 PP

4 B. Logging & Fishing Forests cover almost 25% of this region
They are being destroyed rapidly Why are these trees so important (especially in the southern hemisphere)? Ch 22 PP

5 Commercial Fishing Represents a small portion of economy Ch 22 PP

6 C. Mining Resources Mining Wealth
South Africa – world’s largest producer of gold Also produces gems & diamonds Many mines are foreign owned or owned by rich white South Africans Not much goes to the black mine workers Watch the movie “Blood Diamonds” if possible! An Imbalance of Riches Poor government management of resources has not helped the people of those countries, but instead foreigners Ch 22 PP

7 D. Industrialization Development of Manufacturing
Lack of infrastructure – resources needed to industrialize What does this cause? By the late 1990’s, only 15% of the region’s GDP came from manufacturing! Overcoming Obstacles Lack of skilled workers, power/energy, political conflicts/civil wars Ch 22 PP

8 E. Transportation & Communications
Roads & Railroads Lack of money, skilled workers, rough terrain, wars – all make it difficult to keep roads & railways in working order Ch 22 PP

9 Communications Internet Commerce Mostly radio
TV & Telephones are limited Internet Commerce Some Africans are using the internet to sell their goods and make a living! Ch 22 PP

10 People & Their Environment
II. Section II People & Their Environment Ch 22 PP

11 A. Shadow of Hunger Today, many people in this region must focus on survival Hunger is one of the biggest problems In the 1990’s, many thousands of people died of starvation in the Horn of Africa – Somalia, Ethiopia, and Djibouti Drought & wars contributed to the famine Hunger Trouble Spots Ch 22 PP

12 Desertification The Sahel region once supported life and has now been effected by drought, people, and animals that have stripped this land Ch 22 PP

13 A. (cont) Conflict & Hunger
War continues to be a major cause of famine Since 1990 – Liberia, Sudan, Somalia, Rwanda MAJOR WAR ISSUES currently occurring in Somalia and Sudan Recent peace treaty between Ethiopia & Eritrea Ch 22 PP

14 Still facing issues like drought, though
Farming & Peace After Eritrea gained its independence in 1993, farmers in both countries have tried to improve the land Still facing issues like drought, though The sandals worn by the fighters of independence have become iconic. This monument in Asmara was erected in memoriam. Ch 22 PP

15 B. Land Use Destruction of the Rain Forest
In 1990, rain forest = 1.5 billion acres By 2000, 126 million acres had disappeared How does this affect the people living there? How does it affect us? Ch 22 PP

16 Endangered Animals Depletion of rain forests destroys habitats
Many animals face extinction Many animals are killed by poaching Ch 22 PP

17 Conservation & Tourism
Game preserves built Ecotourism introduced Ch 22 PP

18 C. Toward the Future This region is trying to work towards improvement for its plants, animals, & people Make sure you read pgs ! Ch 22 PP

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