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Enterprise Portal Training

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1 Enterprise Portal Training
Collaboration Project Document Templates Use arrows to go forward or back

2 Project Document Templates
You can choose any of the project's Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents to make available for use as a document template for the Collaboration project. When a user chooses a template, Collaboration creates an exact copy of the document. You can identify that a file is a template when the document icon appears with a small box on it.

3 Project Document Templates
Upload the file to be used as the template to the Collaboration Projects Documents area; for this example we will use the document titled “OA Branding Word Template”.

4 Project Document Templates
Right-click on the document title and select “Edit Properties”.

5 Project Document Templates
Ensure that the “File Type” drop-down item matches the file type to be used for the template. Check the box below the summary section “Make available as an Office Document Template”; then select “Finish”

6 Project Document Templates
The document icon will appear with a small box on it representing the document’s new status as a template for this Collaboration project.

7 Project Document Templates
Now that you’ve created the document template, you can use it for new documents created from within the project. From the project’s “Documents” tab select the down arrow to the right of “New” and select “Office Document”.

8 Project Document Templates
From the Template drop-down list select your newly created template entitled “OA Branding Word Template.doc”

9 Project Document Templates
Enter a name for your document, then select Finish.

10 Project Document Templates
The template will open for use in a separate window. You can now utilize the template for the new document, and save the document as you normally would.

11 Project Document Templates
The document will be saved in the Collaboration Project folder where you created it.

12 Project Document Templates
Select the following links to review Tutorials Auto-Playback and Standard Tutorials The Standard Tutorial allows you to click through each step of the process. PDF File of Tutorial The PDF File may be printed or saved as desired. This concludes the lesson on Creating a Collaboration Project Document Template. End

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