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PERSONAL FITNESS Looking Good, Feeling Good and Smelling Good!

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1 PERSONAL FITNESS Looking Good, Feeling Good and Smelling Good!

2 Goal of Today Emphasis of today is to check for knowledge and understanding with regards to your own personal fitness.

3 Please select a Team. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

4 Having fitness means……. 1. That you are not overweight. 2. You are good at sports. 3. You are good at running. 4. Can carry out everyday tasks without fatigue.

5 Everyday activities that we don’t think about Walking up stairs Carrying around back packs (muscular strength)  Back problems  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Studying  Brain uses 20% of all you energy Socializing  Thumbs use 79% more energy than 10 years ago

6 What is the Health Risk factor that you can control? 1. Gender 2. Stress Levels 3. Age 4. Heredity

7 List of health risk factors that you can and cannot control InactivityCan Control ObesityCan Control High Blood PressureCan Control High CholesterolCan Control Stress and TensionCan Control SmokingCan Control GenderCan’t Control HeredityCan’t Control AgeCan’t Control

8 The U.S. Surgeon General produced a report on the importance of physical activity so that the population would know…. 1. How to have a positive self-image 2. That engaging in physical activity is a matter of life and death. 3. The importance of a strong military. 4. The importance of being thin.

9 Fitness is a matter of life and death It is estimated that your generation will be the first generation to have average life expectancy to actually decrease!

10 Team Scores 30Beetles 25.71Butterflies 24.55Spiders 22.5Ants 18Mosquitoes

11 Which risk factor has the greatest impact on over-all cardiovascular health? 1. Alcohol Use 2. Stress 3. Inactivity 4. Stop Smoking

12 Diets High in saturated fat cause______levels to become too high, thus clogging arteries. 1. Cholesterol 2. Insulin 3. Heart 4. Stress 5. Glucose

13 What is the leading cause of death in the U.S.? 1. Alcohol Abuse 2. Cancer 3. Cardiovascular Disease 4. Drug Use 5. Obesity

14 Team Scores 46Beetles 43.86Butterflies 43.5Ants 37.18Spiders 23.4Mosquitoes

15 To be healthy and physically active, one must be.. 1. An athlete 2. Motivated and knowledgeable 3. Non-handicapped 4. Young 5. Really, really, good looking

16 Who has higher test scores while participating in a fitness program? 1. Females 2. Males 3. Athletes 4. Adults 5. None

17 Which state’s population, on average, lives five years longer than any other state? 1. Alaska 2. Minnesota 3. Maine 4. Utah 5. Hawaii

18 Team Scores 61Beetles 60.17Ants 53.86Butterflies 49.91Spiders 32.9Mosquitoes

19 Participant Scores 71Participant 11 71Participant 2 71Participant 28 71Participant 14 61Participant 24

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