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SMART Response PE Shanna Depp 5 th Grade Teacher.

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1 SMART Response PE Shanna Depp 5 th Grade Teacher

2 Benefits of Clickers in Class Immediate Feedback & Reflection Increased Discussion Active Learning for All Students Competitive Anonymous/Individualized Results

3 Today’s Agenda Anonymous Mode/Instant Questions Practice Question Set & View Results Set up Classroom, Classes, & Students Create a Question Set Different Ways to Use Clickers in the Classroom

4 Teacher Tools vs. SMART Notebook Teacher Tools Acts as a Gradebook Set up Classes Add Students View Results Start/Stop Classes Gradebook View & Basic View Set Passing/Failing Grade SMART Notebook Start/Stop Classes Start/Stop Assessments View Results by Question Create/Add/Import Questions Set Correct Answers Instant Questions Edit Questions

5 Where Do I Begin? Teacher Tools 1.Create a classroom name 2.Create a teacher file 3.Create classes 4.Add/Import students to classes (each student must have a unique number)

6 Creating a Quiz/Test Import questions or a quiz from a Word document Create questions and quizzes in a SMART Notebook Download a question set/questions from SMART Exchange website

7 Activities with Clickers Math Problem of the Day Spelling Practice Scoring Open Response Questions Quizzes & Tests Formative Assessments BrainPop Reading for Meaning Vote Math Competition/Clicker Wars/Jeopardy Study Island/Compass Learning

8 SMART Resources ponse/home ponse/home sMathSmartBoard.htm sMathSmartBoard.htm g/Training+Search?Products=Notebook%20Mat h%20Tools&Audience=All%20audiences&Budg et=All%20budgets&Training%20Type=Free%20 Resources g/Training+Search?Products=Notebook%20Mat h%20Tools&Audience=All%20audiences&Budg et=All%20budgets&Training%20Type=Free%20 Resources

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