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City of Staunton, Public Works Equipment Maintenance Shop.

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2 City of Staunton, Public Works

3 Equipment Maintenance Shop

4 Water Treatment Plant


6 Utility Field Crews

7 Traffic Engineering

8 Building Maintenance Facility Before Retrofit After RetrofitPercentDate 2010 QTYWattage TotalTypeQTYWattageTotalTypeReducedComplete Johnson Street Garage, Lighting10815016200HPS581508700HPS46%Apr-09 Warf Lot, Pole Lighting171001700 Incandescent 17 13221CFL87%Apr-09 Landis Park, Pole Lighting141001400 Incandescent 14 13182CFL87%Apr-09 Gymnasium244009600MH96323072T868%Apr-09 Green Hills, Sign Lighting42501000MH2105210CFL79%Jul-09 Station 1, Exterior lighting5150750MH542210CFL72%Jul-09 New Street Garage, Exterior Lighting6100600MH632192CFL68%Jul-09 Court Bldg, Flag Lighting390270 Incandescent 32266CFL76%Jul-09 Station 2, Bay Lighting171502550HPS935315T588%Aug-09 Mill Street, Street Lighting72501750MH7105735CFL58%Oct-09 Gypsy Hill Park, West End Shelter4100400 Incandescent 427108CFL73%Oct-09 Nelson Street (NRB) Exterior Lighting82502000MH885680CFL66%Oct-09 Hardy Parking Lot4150600MH485340CFL43%Oct-09 Middlebrook Street lighting131501950HPS1335455CFL77%Mar-10 Middlebrook Street lighting770490HPS719133CFL73%Mar-10 Market Street lighting5100500MH535175CFL65%Mar-10 Total41760 Total15794Ave.62%

9 Street Maintenance

10 EMS Future Goals Complete coordination of Greenville avenue. Systematic upgrade of luminaries lighting using CFLs.

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