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Naval Operational Forces Afloat Medical Logistics Overview

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1 Naval Operational Forces Afloat Medical Logistics Overview
Welcome Background/Bio - NMLC Overview Rich Schlegel Naval Medical Logistics Command Director, Operational Forces Support 05-06 June 2012 As the Navy Medicine center of logistics expertise, we design, execute, and administer individualized state-of-the-art solutions to meet customers’ medical materiel and healthcare service needs.

2 2,174.6 Miles from Georgia to Maine 20 Mi/day = 108.5 days or 4 months
15 Mi/day = days or 20 weeks Re-supply every 75 to 100 miles or about once per week for the 16 to 20 week trip Trail resupply Flexibility in planning in case plans or demand change Supplies expensive and depth unreliable Bump Box Shipped to hiker for specialized replacement or hard to get materiel at expected stops Arrivals must be planned around hours of operation for local post office FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY

3 The Afloat Medical Logistics Environment
Medical logistician not typically assigned Medical Department LCPO, Petty Officer and/or other designee (MAO) assigned medical supply duties Utilization of “Big Navy” or DoD supply channels Supply Officer (“Suppo”) and staff are the Logistics SMEs Need to understand the procedures and your responsibilities (No DMLSS-except for T-AHs) Relational Supply (RSUPPLY) System Primarily MILSTRIP Requisitioning National Stock Number (NSN) based requisitioning, receipt and inventory management procedures Money Value Only (MVO) documents for Fleet Prime Vendor Web Ordering Sometimes lengthy supply chain based on operational schedule and AOR Cargo follows the CRIF (Cargo Routing Information File) submitted by ship and maintained by Naval Supply Systems Command Logistics Operations (NAVSUP LOC) - CLASSIFIED Mail Routing Instructions (MRI) - CLASSIFIED Reliance upon CTF logistics planners and system Optimization of in-theater medical warehousing assets No medical loggies assigned – During Japanese earthquake response the question was-where is the Navy medical loggie? In MTFs and in Med Log Companies Other DoD services have robust NCO and officer corps in medical…Navy has SC officers – greater involvement in future No DMLSS – No JMARS NSN based because that’s what operational forces use and plan with in operational settings No next day delivery when in the middle of the desert or ocean Need to use CTF logistics planning and execution systems

4 Authorized Medical / Dental Allowance List (AMAL/ADAL)
Provides for minimum range and depth to support approximately 60 days sustainment and contingency materiel requirements Content Management Owned by Commander, Fleet Forces Command Surgeon Managed by Type Commander Surgeons AMAL and ADAL Technical Data Management Naval Medical Logistics Command Operational Forces Support Directorate (NMLC-04) Issued monthly via SPAWAR via Navy Medicine ONLINE Available at Changes to Lists AMAL or ADAL Review Chaired by TYCOM Surgeon Individual Allowance Change Request (ACR) submitted through NMLC web and approved through fleet chain of command NMLC initiated administrative change based on Class VIII commodity management efforts Defense Medical Logistics Item Identification System (DMLIIS) 60 days of stuff CFFC pays for new capability TYCOM Force Surgeon manages and keeps current NMLC updates, maintains and publishes the database monthly to SPAWAR for SAMS Changes Review ACR Admin Change DMLIIS – NSN requests through joint services and DLA

5 AMAL and ADAL Taxonomy Ship Class Platform Code Ship Class
01 LSD-41 02 MCM 03 FFG 04 LCS 05 DDG-51 06 CG 07 LPD-4 08 LSD 36-40 09 LPD-17 10 LCC 11 LHA-1 12 Ship Class Platform Code LHD-1 13 LHA-6 15 DDG-1000 16 SSN/SSGN/SSBN 22 CVN 30 NECC 40 NCF 41 JHSV 50 MSC T SHIPS MSO 51 T-AH DISASTER RELIEF 6 T-AH CONTINGENCY-THEATER HOSPITALIZATION 7 T-AH HUMANITARIAN ASSISTANCE 8 Ship Class Codes 1st 2 digits of AMAL or ADAL

6 (This is a Partial List)

7 Ship Class + Capability Descriptor
AMAL and ADAL Taxonomy Ship Class + Capability Descriptor AMAL or ADAL Number Add th two together and you have the platform capability LHD (13) Laboratory (32) AMAL # 1332

8 Medical Contingency Contracts
Prime Vendor War Readiness Materiel Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Contracts Distributors Corporate Exigency Contracts (CEC) Manufacturers Medical Equipment Corporate Exigency Contracts (ECEC) Accessing Sources of Supply Contingency Automation Application (CAA) via Defense Medical Materiel On-Line All MILSTRIP requisitions are “trapped” and run against these contracts as a sourcing solution along with Fleet PV-Med Surg Fleet PV-Pharm DLA Depot DLA Electronic Catalog (ECAT) Types of contracts and how requisitions are filled

9 The Medical Contingency File (MCF)
A semi-annual submission by all services of non-equipment Class VIII materiel identifying time-phased materiel requirements for operational unit contingency response NMLC-04 prepares the MCF file for all naval operational force TYCOMs Starts with the compiling of Assemblage (AMAL and ADAL) data. NSN Nomenclature Quantity and Unit of issue Price Acquisition Advice Code (AAC) Shelf life Code The information is uploaded into the Industrial Preparedness System (IPSYS) at DLA-Troop Support (Formerly known as Defense Supply Center Philadelphia-DSCP) Listing is provided to Vendors/Manufactures every 2 years allowing for competition. DLA looks for new sources of supply in industry for redundancy to increase capacity of support Establish contracts on items with greatest commercial sales or signs of increasing sales. How we get the medical supply chain to be more responsive

10 Medical Contingency File Readiness Contracts As of February 2012
Category # of Items 2/11 2/12 # of Items with Coverage % with Coverage Pharmacy 853 801 (-52) 630 604 (-1) 74% 75% (+1%) Medical-Surgical 1,667 1,336 (-330) 1,335 965 (-370) 80% 72% (-8%) Dental 529 508(-21) 442 385 (-57) 84% 76% (-8%) X-Ray 22 21 (-1) 16 7 (-9) 73% 33% (-40%) Ophthalmic 674 670 (-4) 184 119 (-65) 27% 18% (-9%) Laboratory 408 246 (-162) 256 164 (-92) 63% 67% (+4%) Other Medical 246 321 (+75) 168 187 (+19) 68% 58% (-8%) Non -Medical 348 179 (-169) 37 24 (-13) 11% 13% (+2%) Total 4,747 4,082 (-665) 3,068 2,455 (-613) 64% 60% (-4%) The picture of how Navy AMALs are covered

11 Afloat Equipment Procurement Programs (Initial Issue vs Sustainment)
Shipboard Equipment Replacement program (SERP) Fleet OMN Funded to NAVMEDLOGCOM (1 Year $) Commander, U.S. Fleet Forces Command Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet Requirements submitted through ISIC and TYCOM and approved by Commander, U.S. Fleet Forces Command and Includes Equipment CASREPs Phased/Planned Life Cycle Replacement (Ship BMET/ISIC/TYCOM Tracks) Shipboard equipment configuration management drives spare parts, tech manuals, preventative maintenance Procurement executed by NAVMEDLOGCOM New Medical Support Equipment BUMED OPN Funded through NAVMEDLOGCOM (3 Year $) Requirements approved by Commander U.S. Fleet Forces Command Other peoples money

12 Fleet Organization Example
COMFIFTHFLT CTF-IM Iraqi Maritime CTF-50 CSG CTF-51 ESG CTF-52 Mine Warfare CTF-53 Logistics CTF-54 Theater ASW CTF-55 Surface Warfare CTF-56 Expeditionary Combat CTF-57 Maritime Patrol CTF-58 Consequence Management CTF-IM Iraqi Maritime CTF-59 Crisis Response Sample fleet organization Size may differ but functions are usually present in any COCOM 53 is the Key

13 Fleet Organization Example (Cont.) COMLOGFORNAVCENT (CTF 53)
Commodore N00 Deputy N01 Admin Officer N1 Operations Officers N3 Air Logistics Officer N4 Requirements Officer N5 Information Tech Officer N6 Next level down as we peel the onion CLF Ops MSC (non-CLF) Ops Replenishment Air Routing Force Protection NALCC (Naval Air Logistics Coord Center) MH-60 “Desert Hawks” C-130 / C-40 Commodities Expediting / MATCONOFF Ordnance HAZMAT Offload Logistics Plans Comptroller/Supply Information Technology Systems Network Hardware/Software ALSS Bahrain FLS Jebel Ali FLS Fujairah FLS Djibouti FLS Al Minhad Administration Master-At-Arms Medical

14 Logistics Relationships (CENTCOM/5th Fleet)
COMUSNAVCENT N4 COMLOGFORNAVCENT / CTF-53 COMSEALOGCENT Logistics plans and policy Theater logistics execution… NAVCENT )Component Commander to COCOM) vs CTF Policy vs Execution …Through TACON of all logistics support assets: - CLF ships - Logistics aircraft - Forward logistics sites Logistics scheduling AND execution are central to mission success Theater-wide management 47 2

15 Scheduling Replenishment at Sea (RAS) Events
Promulgate RAS SOE CTF-53 XX1500Z CTF-53 REPLENISHMENT SOE 5. REPLENISHMENT SCHEDULE OF EVENTS: READ IN FIVE COLUMNS, UNODIR PDR IS OCE. (A INDICATES ADDITION; C INDICATES CHANGE) EVENT SVC-CARGO CUS PDR LOCATION IRP-STV BAR CLFNC/NRCC DUB RAS-F FIF TIP SAG RAS-F MON KNW NAG CONSL-F TIP DFR JEB CONSL-S TIP CLFNC/NRCC JEB RAS-FS AWR TIP CAG Ships Submit RAS Requirements to TF Commander TF Commander Consolidates Requirements and Submits to CTF-53 Optimize UNREPs; Cluster Events Same Day & General Location Submit Changes to TF Commander OPS Officer’s Negotiate Exact RDVU POSIT / TIME with CLF Ship Take Advantage of “RAS of Opportunity” Basic logistics process for replenishment at Sea If going into port…your Cargo Routing Information File (CRIF) tells you ship movement and where to send your stuff

16 RAS Sustainment Process
Surface Routers Replenishment SOE: 30 Days Out Air Routers RAS Event (16 Jul) Approx one week prior RAS Event (17 Jul) Consolidation Event (12 Jul) RAS Event (19 Jul) N4 Note the straw-man dates and add source of supply if no in theater to lead time Requirements: HULL/FILL; DECKLOAD; Provisions; Ships store stock; Ordnance LEGEND Scheduling Electronic Data Material PV Orders 12 days prior to CONSL NOT RAS event PV N5

17 What it looks like all at 15 knots tied together

18 Operational Forces Support Primary Points of Contact
Name Position Phone (301)619-XXXX DSN 343- XXXX Rich Schlegel Director 3075 LCDR Shikina Tellis Deputy Director 3034 Mark Weldon Fleet Health Services Support (HSS) Management Analyst 3116 Rick McManis Equipment Support and Management Supervisor 3079 Deniz Mackey Biomedical Engineer 3093 Ross Mackey 6269 Mike Correll ILS - CVN 7003 HMC(SW) John McGilvery BMET 8790 Cliff Dunlap ILS – L Decks 7007 LCDR Janine Espinal AMAL/ADAL Mgt Supervisor 9336 Mike Schomer AMAL/ADAL Mgt 7228 HM1 (FMF) Daniel Quick AMAL/ADAL Technician 7117 Katrina Letman AMAL/ADAL Mgt-IDC Platforms 9564 AMAL/ADAL Mgt- Expeditionary Warfare and MSC Platforms Noel Bondoc Procurement Support Supervisor 3364 Franklin Ohaegbu Procurement Support (Non Ship Outfitting) 3427 Valerie Taylor Ship Outfitting 3076 Charles Teague SERP 3077 Holly Melear Hospital Ship Procurement 7227 LS2 Michael Kick 8252

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