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SOIL By: Tyler, Madison, Kyle, Summer, and Hannah.

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1 SOIL By: Tyler, Madison, Kyle, Summer, and Hannah

2 WHAT IS SOIL? Soil is a mixture of ingredients made up of organic and inorganic materials, such as dead creatures, worms, fungi, etc.

3 HOW IS SOIL FORMED? Soil is formed by many ingredients such as dead things, rocks, worms, etc. that has been crushed and mixed together. This process usually takes millions and thousands of years.

4 WHAT ARE THE THREE COMPONENTS OF SOIL? Inorganic, organic, and weathered rocks are the three main components of soil. Organic materials are: dead animals, leaves, worms, etc. Inorganic materials are: items that never lived, etc. Weathered rocks include: ROCKS

5 WHAT IS A SOIL PROFILE? The picture to the right is an example of a soil profile. It includes the different layers of soil.

6 Madison will now explain our soil profile.

7 HOW IS EACH LAYER OF THE SOIL PROFILE FORMED? Each layer of soil is different and is formed with many different ingredients. No layer of soil is the same. For example, topsoil may be formed with sand and clay. Bedrock soil may be formed with weathered rocks and silt.

8 WHICH LAYER OF SOIL CONTAINS THE MOST ORGANIC MATERIAL? Topsoil is the most organic layer of soil, because when an animal dies over time, it will be decomposed into the first layer of soil (topsoil).

9 WHAT IS A SOIL SCIENTIST AND WHAT TASK DO THEY PERFORM? Soil Scientists observe and explain many kinds of soil profiles. A soil scientist is examining the depth of the soil.

10 FACTS ABOUT SOIL Five tons of animal life can be found in just one acre of soil! Roots hold the soil together. Worms are a very important part of soil. Worms mix the soil and leave their waste which is good for the soil. Soil scientists have identified more than 70,000 different types of soil in the U.S.

11 BIBLIOGRAPHY Information collected from:


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