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 Buffalo Bills (1969-1977)  San Francisco 49ers (1978-1979)  Rated Number 40 NFL Player of all time by (in 2009)  6 time Pro Bowl selection.

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2  Buffalo Bills (1969-1977)  San Francisco 49ers (1978-1979)  Rated Number 40 NFL Player of all time by (in 2009)  6 time Pro Bowl selection  Heisman Trophy (1968)


4  First professional football player to rush for more than 2000 yards in a season  Record for single season yards per game average (143.1 ypg)  Elected to Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1985

5  After retiring from football, became a football broadcaster and actor (was in Roots, The Naked Gun trilogy, and others)  Spokesman for Hertz rental car company  v=7W1hnR3kLwo&feature=player_ embedded v=7W1hnR3kLwo&feature=player_ embedded

6  Married Nicole Brown in 1985 (second wife)  Had two children (Arnelle and Jason) with first wife Marguerite  OJ and Nicole had Sydney and Justin

7  Pleaded no contest to a domestic violence charge in 1989  Separated from Nicole Brown  Divorced in 1992


9  Nicole Brown and her friend Ronald Goldman were murdered  Outside of Brown’s condominium

10  projects/ftrials/Simpson/Evide nce.html projects/ftrials/Simpson/Evide nce.html


12  Bloody footprints- size 12 Bruno Magli shoes  OJ said he did not have that type of shoe. After the trial a picture was found of him wearing the shoes.



15  Blood was found in OJ Simpson’s Bronco  Blood drops were on OJ’s driveway and in the foyer of his home  Blood soaked sock was located in OJ Simpson’s bedroom- bloodstained glove was in his residence  DNA extracted and profiled from each bloodstained article

16  Trail of DNA leaving the crime scene was consistent with OJ’s profile- as was the DNA found entering Simpson’s home  Simpson’s DNA profile was found in the Bronco along with that of both victims  The glove contained the DNA profiles of Nicole and Ron, and the sock had Nicole’s DNA profile

17  Simpsons blood was found at the murder scene- victims’ blood was found inside his car and home-  At the scene- there were five blood drops leading away from the slain bodies of Nicole and Ron- toward the rear alley- four of which were immediately to the left of the bloody size 12 shoes prints  Killer had been wounded on the left side of his body-  Morning after the murders, Simpson was observed by the police to be wearing a bandage on his left middle finger  When the bandage was removed that afternoon- he had a deep cut on the knuckle of his finger

18  DNA tests on all five blood drops and on three bloodstains found on the rear gate at the crime scene showed that all of this blood belonged to Simpson  Two DNA tests were used (PCR and RFLP) PCR test is less precise that RFLP  But can be conducted on smaller blood samples as well as samples that have degenerated because of bacteria and/or exposure to elements  PCR tests were conducted on four out of the five blood drops

19  Three drops: Only 1 out of 240,000 people had DNA with the markers found in the sample  Fourth drop: had markers which one out of 5200 people would have- Simpson was one of those people  Fifth drop- RFLP test- one of out 170 million people would match these markers- again Simpson’s blood did  Richest sample was the rear gate- RFLP test showed that only one out of 57 billion people had those markers- Simpson was one of these people  Just from blood evidence- one out of 57 billion chance that Simpson is innocent  Fifty seven billion is approximately ten times the current population of the entire world

20  co+chase+with+oj+simpson&mid=8D1FEBFE9 E3B6981ABE38D1FEBFE9E3B6981ABE3&view =detail&FORM=VIRE2 co+chase+with+oj+simpson&mid=8D1FEBFE9 E3B6981ABE38D1FEBFE9E3B6981ABE3&view =detail&FORM=VIRE2


22 

23  Staying in a guest house on Simpson’s property  His story contradicted Simpson’s version of events  He rambled and was inconsistent in his testimony- less than ideal witness  Said there was a thump outside of his wall

24  day+night+live+oj+simpson+trial&mid=006B2 3CA9EEB80F388C2006B23CA9EEB80F388C2& view=detail&FORM=VIRE8 day+night+live+oj+simpson+trial&mid=006B2 3CA9EEB80F388C2006B23CA9EEB80F388C2& view=detail&FORM=VIRE8  mpson+trialsaturday+night+live&view=detail &mid=F49DC47639153DB9FF35F49DC4763915 3DB9FF35&first=41&FORM=NVPFVR

25  Detective  Denied use of “n” word within the last ten years  Had proof he had gone on racist rant on tape  Refuses to answer questions- citing his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination  Had he planted evidence or not?

26  Johnnie Cochran  F. Lee Bailey  Robert Shapiro  Alan Dershowitz  Barry Scheck  Q6tE&feature=player_embedded Q6tE&feature=player_embedded

27 video+of+oj+and+glove&mid=F677B4B570 CE16E5E0BDF677B4B570CE16E5E0BD&vi ew=detail&FORM=VIRE2

28  Marcia Clark  Christopher Darden

29  impson+Trial+Highlights&view=detail&mid= AE17E07BD3F2F1EA33F9AE17E07BD3F2F1EA 33F9&first=0&FORM=NVPFVR impson+Trial+Highlights&view=detail&mid= AE17E07BD3F2F1EA33F9AE17E07BD3F2F1EA 33F9&first=0&FORM=NVPFVR

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