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OpenRoads Implementation

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1 OpenRoads Implementation
Eric Thomas, CADD Consultant Office of CADD and Mapping Services

2 What is OpenRoads? A Technology, NOT a Product
From the Bentley Website: “Common Technology embedded in InRoads, GEOPAK, and MXROAD” “…the continued merging of functionality for Bentley’s civil products” “Expands the products to include 3D Modeling integration with CAD, mapping, GIS, and business tools like PDFs, i-models, and hypermodels” OpenRoads Implementation

3 Bentley OpenRoads Overview
What is OpenRoads? Not a separate install Installed with the Bentley Civil products OpenRoads Horizontal Geometry tools first appeared in SS2 Bentley OpenRoads Overview

4 What is OpenRoads? GEOPAK SS3 Released Q1 2013
Includes OpenRoads tools & improvements Software Functions Removed: Corridor Modeler and related functionality Roadway Designer and related functionality Site Modeler and related functionality Cut cross sections from DTM file SS2 and SS3 can be installed concurrently Bentley OpenRoads Overview

5 What is OpenRoads? SS3 Refresh released March 11, 2014
MicroStation SS GEOPAK SS Enhancements & fixes for early adopters of OpenRoads Includes Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) A subset of SUDA without the analysis engine Includes Descartes SUE and Descartes require a separate license Bentley OpenRoads Overview

6 Bentley OpenRoads Overview
What is OpenRoads? Currently available tool sets: Survey processing Terrain Modeling Horizontal and Vertical geometry Superelevation Templates/Corridor Modeling Cross Sections Civil Cells Bentley OpenRoads Overview

7 Bentley OpenRoads Overview
What is OpenRoads? OpenRoads does not currently include plan preparation tools Revert to GEOPAK Road for plan preparation OpenRoads Alignments, profiles, and terrain models can be exported for GEOPAK use Bentley OpenRoads Overview

8 Future SS3 Updates Upcoming SS3 Refresh
Has been completed, awaiting final approval Full GEOPAK install (not a patch) Requires a MicroStation update (full install) Enhancements & fixes for OpenRoads Includes an update to Descartes Bentley OpenRoads Overview

9 Next Generation Updates
The next major release will (?) remove InRoads, GEOPAK, and MXROAD from the Civil product line OpenRoads will eventually become the civil product for all Bentley users Release date has not been set Resistance is futile… Bentley OpenRoads Overview

10 ODOT Implementation Fall 2013 Winter/Spring 2014 Spring/Summer 2014
OpenRoads Survey Standards developed Winter/Spring 2014 OpenRoads Survey training for ODOT’s Surveyors Training guide available in the Standards Spring/Summer 2014 ODOT’s Surveyors begin using OpenRoads Bentley OpenRoads Overview

11 Bentley OpenRoads Overview
ODOT Implementation ODOT running the following versions: Design personnel: MicroStation V8i SS GEOPAK V8i SS Survey personnel (currently migrating): MicroStation V8i SS GEOPAK V8i SS Bentley OpenRoads Overview

12 ODOT Implementation Fall 2014 Winter/Spring 2015
First release of OpenRoads standards for Design Winter/Spring 2015 OpenRoads training material developed for Design personnel Tentative plans are to integrate the training into Bentley Learn Bentley OpenRoads Overview

13 ODOT CADD Standards April 18, 2014 Release
Includes OpenRoads standards in a separate folder ODOTstd/V8istd/OpenRoads Added User and Project configuration files: ODOT_OpenRoads.ucf, ODOT_OpenRoads.pcf Intended to be used with a SS3 installation to gain access to the OpenRoads Survey Standards Bentley OpenRoads Overview

14 ODOT CADD Standards October 2014 Release:
OpenRoads Standards will be absorbed into the new ODOTcadd Standards folders Will not be segregated in a separate sub-folder New Standards will be developed and distributed for SS3 only. No further updates to V8istd and SS2 planned Bentley OpenRoads Overview

15 GEOPAK/OpenRoads Survey
Interface Changes: No longer uses a Survey Project Task Navigation Menu Project Explorer Context Menus On-screen prompts Bentley OpenRoads Overview

16 GEOPAK/OpenRoads Survey
All data stored in the DGN No longer uses the GPK file No longer creates multiple report files in the project directory 3D files required for Survey Processing Full Annotation Scale compatibility Undo! History of changes saved in a log file OpenRoads Implementation

17 GEOPAK/OpenRoads Survey
All data stored in the DGN (cont.) Terrain Models stored in the DGN Terrain Models are shared by referencing Graphical edits update mapping and Terrain Can be exported to GPK and TIN Bentley OpenRoads Overview

18 GEOPAK/OpenRoads Survey
Feature Management via dgn libraries ODOT_Feaures_Survey.dgnlib Defines field codes read from ODOT.smd Defines default survey project settings ODOT_Features_Terrain.dgnlib Defines features and element templates for terrain model display Bentley OpenRoads Overview

19 GEOPAK/OpenRoads Survey
Supports multiple data types Trimble, Leica, Topcon, LandXML, etc… Customizable Text Import Wizard Facilitates ASCII import in user definable data formats Drag and drop data processing Bentley OpenRoads Overview

20 GEOPAK/OpenRoads Survey
Geographic Coordinate Systems (GCS) Establish position of data on the earth’s surface Bentley Map Integration with other Georeferenced data Google Earth, Bing Maps, OSIP imagry, LiDAR data Standard GCS definitions Included Bentley OpenRoads Overview

21 GEOPAK/OpenRoads Survey
Geographic Coordinate Systems (GCS) Allows for custom GCS definitions Facilitates grid-to-ground conversions ODOT GCS Recommendations: Map data to the appropriate State Plane Zone Establish custom GCS definition for grid to ground conversion Define project specific seed files with custom GCS definition Bentley OpenRoads Overview

22 GEOPAK/OpenRoads Survey
Attach media files to Survey Points Images Videos Bentley OpenRoads Overview

23 GEOPAK/OpenRoads Survey
Data Integrity Concerns All data is stored in the dgn file… Lock elements in the DGN Disable Survey Processing Rules (or not) Use Windows to set user permissions/access GPK and TIN files must be updated manually if changes are made to the survey information Bentley OpenRoads Overview

24 GEOPAK/OpenRoads Survey
ODOT Training guide is available in the CADD Standards: ..\V8istd\OpenRoads\TrainingGuides\ ODOT_OpenRoadsSurvey.pdf Bentley OpenRoads Overview

25 GEOPAK/OpenRoads Survey
Enough with the power point, just show us how it all works… Bentley OpenRoads Overview

26 GEOPAK/OpenRoads Civil
Interface Enhancements Tasks & Project Explorer Context Toolbars provide access to common functions when a Civil element is selected In-place editing Heads-up prompts Bentley OpenRoads Overview

27 GEOPAK/OpenRoads Civil
Feature Management via dgnlibs and MicroStation Element Templates A feature defines an objects apperance in multiple contexts Plan, Profile, Cross Section, 3D, etc… Features can define symbology from a DDB item or a MicroStation Element Template Bentley OpenRoads Overview

28 GEOPAK/OpenRoads Civil
Horizontal & Vertical Geometry Tools New graphical based tools All data stored in the DGN (no GPK) Recommend using a separate Geometry Basemap Import/Export to/from GPK GPK and DDB still used for centerline stationing Profile Model Views used to create, edit, and manage vertical geometry Data is shared via references Bentley OpenRoads Overview

29 GEOPAK/OpenRoads Civil
Civil AccuDraw New Superelevation Tools Uses existing GEOPAK preference files for computation New Superelevation Editor CSV File Import Bentley OpenRoads Overview

30 GEOPAK/OpenRoads Civil
DGN Based 3D Modeling No longer uses separate Roadway Designer Integrates corridor and site based workflows to generate a single model Templates can be applied to individual elements Bentley OpenRoads Overview

31 GEOPAK/OpenRoads Civil
DGN Based 3D Modeling (cont.) Users can work in 2D Horizontal & vertical geometry, superelevation, and templates are used to generate a 3D model on-the-fly directly in MicroStation Bentley OpenRoads Overview

32 GEOPAK/OpenRoads Civil
New Cross Section Process No longer uses Criteria Files Cross Sections cut from the 3D model Anything you draw in the 3D model will show up in the cross sections, although they are not dynamic New Cross Section Sheet Tool New Cross Section Annotation Tool Bentley OpenRoads Overview

33 GEOPAK/OpenRoads Civil
Civil Cells Reusable civil attributes such as driveways, intersections, traffic islands, etc… Stored in dgn libraries Based on design standards Editable when placed Can include horizontal & vertical geometry, terrain elements, and linear template definitions Bentley OpenRoads Overview

34 GEOPAK/OpenRoads Civil
Demonstration… Bentley OpenRoads Overview

35 Should I Start Using OpenRoads?
You need CADD Standards… Survey Standards are currently available Design Standards to come this fall Bentley delivers a set of standards with OpenRoads in the Examples workspace Bentley OpenRoads Overview

36 Should I Start Using OpenRoads?
Start Now: Scope Survey sub-consultants to deliver OpenRoads compatible data: Scope all data on State Plane Coordinates with a combined Grid-to-Ground Scale Factor Request ODOT Field Codes and Mapping Codes You can always import a GEOPAK TIN to an OpenRoads Terrain Model Bentley OpenRoads Overview

37 Should I Start Using OpenRoads?
Start Now: Familiarize yourself with MicroStation 3D Learn Roadway Designer Templates Experiment with the OpenRoads Horizontal and Vertical Geometry commands Learn Civil AccuDraw Bentley OpenRoads Overview

38 Should I Start Using OpenRoads?
Start Now: Sign up for the ODOT & Consultants BE Community Bentley OpenRoads Overview

39 Bentley OpenRoads Overview
Questions? ODOT: Consulting: Bentley OpenRoads Overview

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