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Two Francophone Canadas: Acadia & Québec Jane Rauschenberg Logan-Hocking Middle School

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1 Two Francophone Canadas: Acadia & Québec Jane Rauschenberg Logan-Hocking Middle School

2 French in North America n The Acadians: remnants in Maine, the Canadian Maritimes, and Lousiana n The Québecois: the closest French-speaking culture to Ohio

3 Geography Québec Acadia

4 Acadian History n First settlement founded by Champlain in 1604 n Contested by France and England for a century n Most of the land ceded to England in 1713 n At least half of the remaining French-speaking population forcibly deported in 1755

5 The Acadians: current status n Currently strongest remains in New Brunswick n Also found in Lousiana (‘ Cajuns) n More integrated into Anglophone population n Few mono-lingual communities n French is losing ground rapidly n Strong cultural identity and pride n Congrès Mondial Acadien

6 Québecois History n Quebec settlement founded in 1608 by Champlain n Largely a fur-trading center n Ceded to England in 1763 n French speakers found themselves to be second-class citizens n Révolution Tranquille 1960 ’s n Separatist movement

7 The Québecois: The current issue is separation n 1995 Vote: u 49.5% for separation, 50.6% against n BUT 61% of Francophones vote for separation n Tension between Québec and the National Government n Economic problems because of political instability

8 Teaching Options n A simple one or two day overview n An extended project unit n As part of an interdisciplinary unit

9 Simplest Plan n Present basic facts to students n Discuss how they apply to us u Different political status u Different dialects u Different flags n Evaluation (quiz, poster, Venn Diagram) covering similarities & differences

10 More Complex Units n Use Roch Carrier stories in advanced classes n Research on aspects of the two cultures u The Deportation & The ‘ Cajuns u The Québec Seperatist Question u Differences between Québecois French and Standard French

11 Interdisciplinary Units n Present Acadia with study of Evangeline in American Lit n Social Studies themes: u Melting Pot vs Salad bowl u The Deportation compared to other refugee situations n Government & Economics u Autonomy within a country vs. Independence

12 References n John Saywell Canada Past and Present ©1983 Clarke, Irwin & Co. Ltd. n The Deportation of the Adadians Environment Canada, Parks. n “Acadia,” “New France,” “Quebec,” and “Canada” Encyclopaedia Brittanica CD 98. ©1984-1998 Encyclopaedia Brittanica, Inc. n URLs: u “The French Presence in Canada” u “North American French” u “The Cajun Lady”

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