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“Oh Captain, My Captain”

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1 “Oh Captain, My Captain”
Walt Whitman A review of Romanticism

2 Round 1 With your group, design a boarder for your paper that represents the Romantic time period. Make sure you explain your boarder in box 1 REMEMBER Romanticism is not just love, so avoid a boarder with “hearts” all around it.

3 Round 2 Read to Poem “O Captain, My Captain” and summarize what happened during the sea journey described. Choose one line that holds a Romantic Appeal and write it beneath your summary

4 Round 3 Highlight the lines in the poem that reference Bells.
State what Poe used bells to symbolize in his poem. Analyze what the bells might signal, symbolize and/or represent in the sea journey of the poem. How is this similar/different than Poe’s use of the bells?

5 Round 4 Underline any references to nature in the poem.
What group believed that being one with nature was a way to achieve individual enlightenment? What kinds of natural difficulties does a ship encounter on it’s voyage? Explain how this could represent something in the individual’s life.

6 Round 5 Who is the main character in this poem? Circle his/her name every time you see it in the poem. Who were the main characters in Dickinson’s poem, “Because I could not Stop for Death—” ? What happened to the Captain of the ship? Is the view presented in this poem more like Poe’s view of death or Dickinson’s view? Explain.

7 Round 6 The poem is a metaphor. Explain what metaphor is.
How did Dickinson use metaphor in her poem “Because I could Not Stop for Death—”? Suppose the ship's captain represents President Lincoln. Describe author’s tone in the poem "O Captain! My Captain!" towards President Lincoln and cite words from the poem to support your answer.

8 Round 7 What is the “Fearful Trip” in the poem that ended the Romantic time period? State whether in your opinion, the narrator (the person speaking) in the poem "O Captain! My Captain!" is likely to have supported the Union or the Confederacy in The Civil War and cite words from the poem to support your opinion.

9 Round 8 Alliteration, Onomatopoeia, repetition and refrain are all sound devices we discussed in this unit. Define these terms. Identify all the sound devices used in this poem. Cite the lines where you found this sound device.

10 Round 9 A Faust legend can end in 2 ways. List those two ways.
A poem can either be tragic or comedic. Which is this poem? Explain your response. How is the ending of this poem similar/different than the ending of “The Devil and Tom Walker”?

11 Make sure everyone’s name is on the group work (write it on the back)
SUBMIT your group work Make sure everyone’s name is on the group work (write it on the back) Write any questions you have about the test tomorrow on the back as well.

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