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Geospatial Technologies Steering Committee Meeting 18 March 2005.

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1 Geospatial Technologies Steering Committee Meeting 18 March 2005

2 Agency Roll Call 1.Aging 2.Agriculture 3.Banking 4.DCED 5.DCNR 6.Corrections 7.DEP 8.DGS 9.DMVA 10.DPW 11.Education 12.Fish and Boat 13.Game Quorum = 13+1 = 14 14.Governor’s Office 15.Health 16.Insurance 17.L&I 18.Lt. Governor’s Office 19.OHS 20.PCCD 21.PEMA 22.PENNVEST 23.PHMC 24.PSP 25.PENNDOT 26.Revenue

3 Any Additional Agenda Items or New Business?

4 January GTSC Meeting Minutes Review Approval?

5 PAMAP Progress

6 Statewide Imagery Status

7 PAMAP 2005 Status

8 PAMAP Progress $2.85M available of $5.5M needed for Spring 2005 Flights Funding Amounts:  DCNR - $1.5M  OA/OIT - $500K  Health - $300K  DCED - $250K  DEP - $100K  PENNDOT - $100K  OA/BGT - $100K

9 PAMAP Advisory Committee Formed by PAMAP Program Office from stakeholder executives from federal, state, local governments to draft PAMAP policy Meet regularly to formulate PAMAP policies Create a PAMAP Technical Committee Develop a PAMAP Raster Implementation Plan (imagery, elevation) Draft federal/state/county PAMAP data sharing agreements

10 NAIP 1m CIR Imagery Update

11 Statewide 2004 Summer/Fall Color Infrared 1m Pixel Imagery Example

12 CIR Access MrSID County Mosaics available online on OIT FTP Site Average size is 170MB/county CIR great for landscape changes, impervious surfaces, vegetative health, water features

13 Statewide 2004 Summer/Fall Color Infrared 1m Pixel Imagery Example

14 Statewide 2004 Summer/Fall CIR Showing Landuse Change and Impervious Surfaces

15 BGT Project Updates

16 Weather Project Geospatial Enterprise Architecture procured, designed, and being deployed Requirements being finalized prior to final review by Weather Workgroup and provided to DGS Procurement RFP for Data Services planned for release April 15, Proposals due 5/21? RFQs for Application Development in May/June Possibility of using PA-GEARS for weather dissemination and severe weather alerting

17 DHS ITEP Project Budget approved by DHS on 3/3, notified 3/7 MOU between DHS CIO and OIT CIO signed 2/24 Held meeting with Ryan Cast and Geospatial Management Office in Harrisburg on 2/25 Finalizing Concept of Operations, including interoperable geospatial data sharing and PEIRS geospatial enhancements Will leverage DHS source code assets from other federal projects

18 Geospatial Enterprise Architecture (GEA) Application Hosting Web Environment Enterprise Geospatial Data Repository Capable of drawing 1.8M maps/day?

19 Geospatial Enterprise Architecture (GEA) Application Web Environment Geospatial Data Repository

20 Address Geocoding Web Service Initial Web Service launched in production on 3/1 Test page in staging: BasicAddressMatch/GeoCodeTestPage.aspx Currently only PA, ordered national address dataset

21 Address Geocoding Testpage

22 1109 gregor ct mechanicsburg pa 17055 1109 GREGOR CT MECHANICSBURG PA 17055 40.157219 -77.012767 0116.02 7056 7 Cumberland 25420 78736 041 0 0 OK 0 Match to left-side, same parity 0 All

23 GEA/Essential Services GEA servers being built, Oracle database being designed, 15TB of storage. Will have intranet/Internet GIS application hosting environment, ability to host BGT and agency applications Address Geocoding web service launched 3/1 in production Still evaluating QAS USPS address validation/verification software. Out of box solution is less than desirable. Told vendor to put up or shut up and refund license costs. Routing – later this year Mapping – planning 3-4 applications this year, including PA-GEARS

24 GT Staff Augmentation BGT only has 2 full-time resources, which limits our abilities PENNDOT provided a programming resource for 3 months PEMA provided a GIS resource for 2 months BGT needs full-time technical resources,.NET and GIS savvy Found initial resource through CAI staff augmentation contract, starts 3/28, Raghu Bhimarao, formerly with GeoDecisions in VA

25 GT FY2004 Training Results back from ITQ procurements PoconoGIS selected for Data Collection, Editing, and Production 1-Day Classes (3) – 12/class Geospatial Training and Consulting selected for: –ArcGIS I – 2 day classes (1) – 12/class –ArcGIS II – 3 day classes (4) – 45 total –Building Geodatabases I – 2 day classes (2) – 12/class –Building Geodatabases II – 2 day classes (2) – 12/class Total students trained in classroom with BGT funds in FY 2004 = 141

26 GIS Data Inventory Agencies requested to complete Agency metadata and metadata for each data set created and maintained by the agency by 3/24 Necessary to understand available data assets, overlap and duplication of efforts, data that needs to be shared, metadata availability Current Status…

27 ITBs under Development Related to GT

28 ITBs/Policies/Directives Update GIS Coordinator Hires GEA Waiver Process GIS Software Standards County Numbering Municipality Numbering

29 Metadata Standards: GT Metadata Coordinators

30 Agreement to Rescind PAGIC (now GTC)

31 PAGIC Dissolution Language AGREEMENT TO RESCIND MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT FOR PARTICIPATION IN THE PENNSYLVANIA GEOSPATIAL INFORMATION COUNCIL This Agreement made this ____ day of ____________, __________, by and among Original Parties: Office of Administration, Office of the Budget, Department of Environmental Protection, Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Department of Transportation, Department of Education, Department of Health, Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, Department of Agriculture, Pennsylvania, State Police, Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency, Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, Pennsylvania Game Commission, Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, Department of Community and Economic Development, Legislative Office for Research Liaison, Department of Revenue and Participating Partners: Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs, Pennsylvania Mapping and Geographic Information Consortium and Pa-One-Call. Whereas, the Original Parties and Participating Partners into a Memorandum of Agreement dated June 10, 1999 for participation in the Pennsylvania Geospatial Information Council; and Whereas, a new governance structure has been created, including the creation of a State Geospatial Technologies Director, resulting in a change to the group mission and name, which is now referred to as the Geospatial Technologies Council; and Whereas, the Memorandum of Agreement provides that it will remain in effect until rescinded by all parties to it; and Whereas, all Original Parties and Participating Partners agree that the Memorandum of Agreement should be rescinded. Now, therefore, the parties intending to be legally bound hereby agree to rescind the Memorandum of Agreement dated June 10, 1999, for Participation in the Pennsylvania Geospatial Information Council.

32 Review of BGT Strategic Planning Initiatives

33 GTAC Top 5 Issues and Objectives Standardized Training Information Classification/Security Recruitment and retention of skills Required partnerships – Interagency, multiple levels of government funding and resources Data stewards – Who is the data steward, and how communicated? Develop need to share across state, federal, and local Develop process for data stewardship Continued outreach to help identify opportunities Benefits of combining data Integrated partnerships Capture data at 2 levels Day-to-Day, operational Emergency Management/Homeland Security

34 GTSC Top 5 Issues and Objectives Standardized Data Request Form – needed for when releasing data from the agencies Homeland Security – changes in personnel, Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Standards Quality Management – best practices for creating and managing data Technical expertise – provide support for the GEA products

35 New Business

36 GIS Reclassification Strategy Art asked Jim to document DCNR and PSP Selective Certification processes for hiring GIS positions PSP and DCNR have provided timelines and documentation of steps DCNR finally found a qualified candidate on 3 rd try, PSP didn’t and will have to train Will deliver to OA/HR and establish an initial dialogue Will work with GTSC to establish a collaborative agency working group for GIS job position descriptions and reclassification

37 List of Skills Needed for GIS Field Users –GPS and Data Collection –Data Analysis Desktop Users –Mapping –Data Editing/Database Design/Data Management –Cartography/Map Making Web Application Development –IIS, HTML, ASP.NET, Javascript, VBScript –COM, DLLs, XML, Web Services Support Staff –Systems Support –Database –Network

38 April Meeting Topics? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

39 Motion to Adjourn?

40 Thanks! Next Meeting 15 April 2005

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